Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The other world!!

This is an incident from my stay in UK.
A British colleague of mine,with whom I took coffee breaks had the design of two lizards on his coffee mug.Those were pretty good sized lizards,with one of them having its face positioned at the exact place from where one would sip.

Now,let me admit,I belong to the category of people who jump away at the very sight of a lizard and go "eeekkss" and can't be at peace till its gotten rid of.

So,you can imagine,how I felt when I saw that coffee mug.I couldn’t resist for too long and after a few days ended up asking my colleague,

Me : Are those lizards?
He : Yeah...
Me : (trying to find right words instead of "why on earth??")ermm...did anyone   gift you the cup?
He : No,I bought it myself..
Me : Ahhh...any particular reason for the design?
He : (quite confused)well.... I love them
Me : (no longer hiding my surprise)You love lizards??????
He : (quite simply) yeah...I find them interesting
Me : But there arent really any around here,are they..in Britain?
He : No,thats the sad part!
Me : (Chuckling)Really?You should see in India then,there are so many,most of us are pretty scared of them...
He : Scared?Why would you be scared of them..
Me : Oh...(loss of words)I don’t know,maybe because they might jump on us or something...
He : (happily)Hmmm...I will like it in India then....

I smiled and kept quiet!!!

It felt so bizarre how I was relishing the lizard-free aspect of his country and he was looking forward to seeing the lizards in my country.
Reminds me of another news that museums in Canada have mosquitoes on display,since they don’t find them there.And we try to fight dengue/malaria!!


  1. I hope that colleague is not following your blog ;-) Nice comeback dear :-)

  2. I hope that colleague is not following your blog ;-) Nice comeback dear :-)