Sunday, January 12, 2014

Big and Small of it

I have always been a "big-city" girl,in terms of the cities I have always lived in.Born in Mumbai,working in Bangalore.Alongwith being big,these cities are also very crowded,polluted and chaotic!!Over the years I guess I had become used to a big -city lifestyle and didnt really bother much about it.

But when a friend of mine,from a to-say small town of Chindhwara in Madhya Pradesh,once commented that he would rather settle in the small-town Chindhwara or the other extreme outside India than in any big city within India,I couldnt quite relate to what he meant.Of course,till then,I had not visited any place outside India while he had,so I thought perspectives differed and left it at that.

It was only recently,when after spending a sizable time in UK that I returned home,that I recalled that comment and realized it did make some sense.

In UK,of course,crowd is less where I stay,and everyone follows traffic rules and others so things don't seem chaotic.I land in Mumbai,and find people driving from wrong side,and being stuck in traffic for an hour to reach the closest of places very irksome.But when I traveled away from Mumbai to a small town some 8-9 hours away,I found peace again!

Its not that small towns are very backward.I found all the facilities I required there and yet,there was less noise,less crowd and definitely less traffic.Who knows, maybe because I was there only for little time that I appreciated being there,but now i think small towns aren't bad,for a good escape at least:)

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