Sunday, December 15, 2013

Filmy...but True!!

A few months back,I had gone to the very visitable part of UK...The Peak District.What me and my friend were actually looking for was an architectural marvel,going by the name "Ladybower Reservoir".We were at the doorstep of autumn with summer nearing its end.We were all set,the plan was made and the sky was supposed to be clear that day.But as it turned out,it was not a clear sky that day.In fact,it started raining heavily.But since it was too late to change the plan,we went ahead with our plan in the search of the famed reservoir:)

But our quest,it seems was not to be an easy one!!We had to change trains and then take a bus to the reservoir.But that day,the bus service was down.So we had to change another two trains and go for another bus to our destination.All the while,it was continuously raining.We were braced up with our jackets...but it was really raining heavily....and were drenched:(

Anyways,the bus which we had to catch was nearly two hours later..with no proper bus-stand around.We found out the place was just about a mile away,so decided to walk.But with the rain falling in the direction of our walk,we decided to wait for the bus at some cafe or some place.

But,but,but what we didnt anticipate was that we were in a small village in Peak District,with no proper cafes,but a single pub.We went there,there was no "closed" board ,so we kept knocking,No one opened the door.The roads were so empty,not a soul in sight,we kept knocking.That was when we heard someone calling us from across the road.It was an old man,a local with his typical hat.He laughed at us"How can you expect an English Pub to be open at 11a.m in the morning..hahaha".In despair,we asked our 'fun-maker'only,if we could find any place till we wait for the bus..and he said"You got a young pair of should take only 30 mins to reach old man like me can walk there in 50mins!!!"

Sighh!!We thought,enough of sighing and grumbling,we decided to walk and also enjoy the view enroute.It WAS beautiful:):)

And then,how it happens in films.God opened his doors for us!!:):)

I was trying to capture in my  camera a particular view of the road,when I kept walking backwards from where I was standing,and stumbled into a gate...As we looked around,we couldnt hear a thing,but further ahead was a beautiful valley view.So went further inside,did our "Ooohs" and "Aahs"about the view and as we turned around,there was a church right in front of us!!!Believe me,we couldnt see it from the road!!We thought of trying to find shelter there but it was so silent,it looked deserted.Suddenly,we heard a piano being played inside.Some one was there inside!!!We knocked the door.The piano stopped and the door was opened by a middle-aged lady.We asked her if we could get in and she said.."Ohh..but theres no service going on,just me practicing"Guiltily,we apologized for disturbing her and told that we were actually waiting for the bus.The smile she gave was the most generous one I ever saw in my life.She let us in....and asked us to stay for as long as we wanted while she practised.Once inside,we felt an amazing sense of calm,with the piano playing in the background and Lord in front.It was the most amazing feeling and we felt,it really was a miracle to find the church in the empty streets!!!

We spent our hour there,got our bus and also saw the reservoir.It all seemed even more beautiful then and now.Below are some pics of this journey,maybe you will know what was that amazing!!:):):)

@Sheffield Station

 The Church which sheltered us:):)

 Views near the church

 The valley which caught our eye!!

 The LadyBower Reservoir!!

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