Monday, October 21, 2013

Chalk Out...

Isn't it amazing how little phrases uttered by someone else find meaning in our lives...even after many years! 

One such phrase has stuck with me from nearly ten years now and I am pretty sure it will be useful in the future as well.

My Maths tutor in high school had to manage classes and completion of syllabus based on the schedules of quite a lot of people.Amidst all the confusion and chaos,he used to say calmly,"Lets chalk out a plan"...and used to literally write down his plan on the board.

I always believed that writing down gave a lot of clarity to everyone and helped to successfully plan out things!!

That phrase automatically used to come up in my mind in the later years when I had university exams coming up...and so much to do,,with so little time.It was when panic used to creep in that I used to say to myself,"Let's chalk out a plan" and make a plan on paper about finishing up my revision.Of course,I think the magic also used to be the calm manner in which my SIR used to say that..with each word having its own importance.As it wont be possible to replicate here how he used to say it,just try reading this out one word at a time"Lets.......ChalkOut.....a..Plan"and maybe we will get the desired effect:):)

I find that phrase so useful that even today ,with deadlines to meet and multiple things to do,chalking out a plan seems really useful...You all can try it out yourself.See if it helps:)