Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Feels Good.....

You are working on your desk when your extension pick it and its a colleague who is part of your lunch group....

He :  "Hey,wanted to ask you something"
You : "Ya ya,go ahead"
He : "You know how to make palak paneer right?You had brought one day..."

You smile to yourself,quite expecting the next question "Teach me please,I am trying to make that"

You : "Yes,I can"
He : "Great,I was wondering if you would like to come to my house and make it next week?"

And you think,"Whaaaaatt??To satisfy his taste buds??No way!!"

You : "Errmm...i....eerrmmm"

He : "Arey listen,next week I am planning a get-together at my house and I am asking the specialists to cook their speciality.I will provide all ingredients...There will be many things then...and all will be together"

You,smiling again:-):-)

You : "But why...any special reason?"

He : "No No..just like that,making a weekend interesting "

And frankly,what the rest of the conversation was,didnt matter.Beacuse what kind of stuck on my mind was
"specialists to cook their speciality"

Of course,you like what you cook and he still might well end up having a great taste in the mouth,but this knid of hinted appreciation..really feels good!!:)