Sunday, September 1, 2013

And Then It happened!!

So my previous post highlighted some of the things I came to know or learned after arriving in UK.But there was one thing I had read before coming to Derby.Derby is famous as the most haunted town in UK,and trust me that knowledge had caused some kind of panic in me.But then I shooed away all scary thoughts thinking there is no such thing and quite forgot about all this after I landed here.

But then one day,it happened.

I was at the local hospital registering for the GP.As most places in UK it was not very crowded and the nurse in-charge had given me a form to be filled.As I sat on the desk filling the form,I heard the automatic door open .I looked up and there was nobody to be seen coming in or going out.My heart did skip a beat.I stared at the door,hoping there will be someone around.I just had to confirm someone did come in or go out.But there was no one.Then I hoped that it was a faulty mechanism and it would happen again.But it didn't happen.That was it.That was when all the scary thoughts came pouring back to my mind.I somehow completed the form and rushed out of that place.

And I continue to feel scared crossing that area.I know I shouldn't worry much about these things but sometimes cant help it:(

P.S:Thank God for Hanuman Chalisa:):)

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  1. ab jab bhi darwaja band hota hai main darr jaata hu !