Thursday, August 15, 2013

UK Stay Till Now...

Its been nearly 2 months since I am in Derby,UK and must say it has been a good stay till now.It has also been quite interesting to get used to the British way of living.That the British are quite formal and give high importance to manners was known to me.But some things still amused me. Here are a few of such instances:

1)Using the public transport,mostly the local bus,I noticed its kind of a norm to say "Thank You" to the driver while getting off.No no,it wont be a free ride or anything.You pay for the ride.You press the button for stopping the bus at your stop,you take care of your belongings.Its you who does everything and yet you say thank you while getting off.Maybe you thank the driver for driving safe!!
But since there is no harm in it,and especially because you get a "Cheers" in return,I have also adopted the habit:)

2)Now,we are all taught in etiquettes classes that we should hold the door for the next person after us.But what I have seen here is that people tend to hold the door for you even if you are coming from the opposite side and are even at a distance.For the gents,its as good as some crime if they dint hold the door for a lady.Come what may,they will insist that the lady passes first.I mostly find the door been held and what do I do?Smile and say "Thank You';)

3)So in Britain,it is common to say "Thanks" and "Cheers" etc...but then it also gets followed by "dear" or "love".now picture this,the service guy at the coffee outlet kept me waiting for a nano second...I didn't mind much..but he was so very apologetic...and said.."Sorry about that LOVE"...first time I heard that,the Indian in me was like...what!!any stranger calls me LOVE(translated into slowly I have realised,LOVE is not that big an issue here anyways...doesnt matter now:)

4)Now comes the incident which will keep on amusing me for a quite a long time.I was walking back home from office.Headphones in ears,I was listening to music,not really noticing the few playing kids and some lady walking with her dog in front of me.The dog suddenly started barking,it wasn't very scary,and I hardly noticed.But the lady pulled it back and came towards me.I didn't know what I had done for her to think that the dog was barking because of me.But what she said to me was.."I am so sorry...he was not barking at you..its the kids..he doesn't like kids...I am very sorry!!!"

You can imagine my reaction.?To her, I told that its okay but in my mind I was thinking....really?/I didn't even think once about why he was barking,maybe I am so used to stray dogs barking for no reason that this puppy yelp dint matter..but the owner coming and apologizing for it was quite something!!:)

Of course there are many such incidents and many more would be coming this space:)


  1. Now you must have got answer to your question...why I was including "dear" word in each comment on FB... ;)
    Good one dear.. :) waiting for many more incidents :)