Monday, April 1, 2013

Office Office..!!

Its not that I am new to the corporate world.But till now,maybe I was oblivious to it or was not affected by it,and hence was unaware of politics in office,I don't know.It is recently that the term "politics" has caught my fancy in the office and it is now that I have really started taking it seriously.

The expression ‘office politics’ has got a bad name. We think of them as something undesirable, unwholesome, toxic. But as I now realize, they are far from bad,just an inevitable part of professional life. They must be embraced with as much humour, self-conscious deliberation and wisdom as possible.
On a daily basis, it’s absolutely inevitable that people will find themselves competing. Interests at work frequently do not coincide. Resources are finite, like the most stimulating tasks, the best shift hours or pots for bonusses. It is healthy for us to use our wiles to try and get the best of these for ourselves. At its simplest, that’s all I mean by ‘office politics’: the normal wheezes everyone uses to advance their interests.

Positive or negative – politics happens. The philosopher Plato said, "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." And this hold true today ain the workplace: If you don't participate in the political game, you risk not having a say in what happens and allowing people with less experience, skill or knowledge to influence the decisions being made around you.
Office Politics are a fact of life. Wise politicking will help us get what we want in the world of work without compromising others in the process. I guess its better to learn to use its power positively while diffusing the efforts of those who abuse it. I am can you!!:-)