Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Self-Centred Beings...!!

It’s popular to accuse people of being self-centered. Some claim our entire society is self-centered and this is why we have the problems we do. I know some feel that is right to be self-centered. They might ask, who else should I center my life around?

Setting that aside, how do you think a person becomes self-centered? Are they born that way? Can we see this in a chart? Or are they taught to be self-centered?

In my opinion, I wouldn’t say that self-centeredness spawns from someone’s chart alone. Being wound up within ones self, I hope, is when one is growing, learning about themselves and reflecting. Certainly, this can become toxic and create turmoil within their relationships and livelihood.
I can say that within my age group, decade wise, there’s a LOT of self-centeredness, especially due to the way we socialize. There’s Facebook, Instagram, Orkut, etc., where it’s all about what I’m wearing, ate, or went.
Also, again from my viewpoint, the idea of community is changing. The notion that “it takes a village”, seems to either be taking a new form, or is just non-existent.
I do know some poeple who are all about them, but either because they had it rough when raised, or they’re parents or whomever aided in that thought process.
It seems that self-centeredness can spawn from fear of being let down, being dependent, not being on par with others, or the desire to feel special or wanted.

Whatever it might be, how do we deal with such people....if they are in our lives and we have no escape from them???


  1. are you telling me something???? :P

  2. Whether we agree or not everyone of us is self centered.I believe we are born that way.

    Only thing is some people are self-centered without integrity or honesty.These are the people we should be scared of.
    The best way is to avoid them, to treat them as they don't exist,don't let them become a part of your life or even your thoughts!!

    There is nothing wrong in being self-centered 'as long as' your 'self-centeredness' doesn't harm others :)