Sunday, December 15, 2013

Filmy...but True!!

A few months back,I had gone to the very visitable part of UK...The Peak District.What me and my friend were actually looking for was an architectural marvel,going by the name "Ladybower Reservoir".We were at the doorstep of autumn with summer nearing its end.We were all set,the plan was made and the sky was supposed to be clear that day.But as it turned out,it was not a clear sky that day.In fact,it started raining heavily.But since it was too late to change the plan,we went ahead with our plan in the search of the famed reservoir:)

But our quest,it seems was not to be an easy one!!We had to change trains and then take a bus to the reservoir.But that day,the bus service was down.So we had to change another two trains and go for another bus to our destination.All the while,it was continuously raining.We were braced up with our jackets...but it was really raining heavily....and were drenched:(

Anyways,the bus which we had to catch was nearly two hours later..with no proper bus-stand around.We found out the place was just about a mile away,so decided to walk.But with the rain falling in the direction of our walk,we decided to wait for the bus at some cafe or some place.

But,but,but what we didnt anticipate was that we were in a small village in Peak District,with no proper cafes,but a single pub.We went there,there was no "closed" board ,so we kept knocking,No one opened the door.The roads were so empty,not a soul in sight,we kept knocking.That was when we heard someone calling us from across the road.It was an old man,a local with his typical hat.He laughed at us"How can you expect an English Pub to be open at 11a.m in the morning..hahaha".In despair,we asked our 'fun-maker'only,if we could find any place till we wait for the bus..and he said"You got a young pair of should take only 30 mins to reach old man like me can walk there in 50mins!!!"

Sighh!!We thought,enough of sighing and grumbling,we decided to walk and also enjoy the view enroute.It WAS beautiful:):)

And then,how it happens in films.God opened his doors for us!!:):)

I was trying to capture in my  camera a particular view of the road,when I kept walking backwards from where I was standing,and stumbled into a gate...As we looked around,we couldnt hear a thing,but further ahead was a beautiful valley view.So went further inside,did our "Ooohs" and "Aahs"about the view and as we turned around,there was a church right in front of us!!!Believe me,we couldnt see it from the road!!We thought of trying to find shelter there but it was so silent,it looked deserted.Suddenly,we heard a piano being played inside.Some one was there inside!!!We knocked the door.The piano stopped and the door was opened by a middle-aged lady.We asked her if we could get in and she said.."Ohh..but theres no service going on,just me practicing"Guiltily,we apologized for disturbing her and told that we were actually waiting for the bus.The smile she gave was the most generous one I ever saw in my life.She let us in....and asked us to stay for as long as we wanted while she practised.Once inside,we felt an amazing sense of calm,with the piano playing in the background and Lord in front.It was the most amazing feeling and we felt,it really was a miracle to find the church in the empty streets!!!

We spent our hour there,got our bus and also saw the reservoir.It all seemed even more beautiful then and now.Below are some pics of this journey,maybe you will know what was that amazing!!:):):)

@Sheffield Station

 The Church which sheltered us:):)

 Views near the church

 The valley which caught our eye!!

 The LadyBower Reservoir!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Chalk Out...

Isn't it amazing how little phrases uttered by someone else find meaning in our lives...even after many years! 

One such phrase has stuck with me from nearly ten years now and I am pretty sure it will be useful in the future as well.

My Maths tutor in high school had to manage classes and completion of syllabus based on the schedules of quite a lot of people.Amidst all the confusion and chaos,he used to say calmly,"Lets chalk out a plan"...and used to literally write down his plan on the board.

I always believed that writing down gave a lot of clarity to everyone and helped to successfully plan out things!!

That phrase automatically used to come up in my mind in the later years when I had university exams coming up...and so much to do,,with so little time.It was when panic used to creep in that I used to say to myself,"Let's chalk out a plan" and make a plan on paper about finishing up my revision.Of course,I think the magic also used to be the calm manner in which my SIR used to say that..with each word having its own importance.As it wont be possible to replicate here how he used to say it,just try reading this out one word at a time"Lets.......ChalkOut.....a..Plan"and maybe we will get the desired effect:):)

I find that phrase so useful that even today ,with deadlines to meet and multiple things to do,chalking out a plan seems really useful...You all can try it out yourself.See if it helps:)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

London is a bad habit....

"London is a bad habit,one hates  to lose"...I came across this quote by  William Sansom just I was exiting The Shard in London,and realised how much I could relate to it.True,I have been to London only twice,which is not really enough for it to become a habit,but I tend to be ready for the next London plan always:-)

Following some pics could give you an idea,why it is worth visiting London.

And these pics cant really define how wonderful it feels to simply walk along Thames,coffee in your hand:)
I am pretty sure that when I will be ending my stay in UK,I would be the one hating to lose my London Habit....The only compensation would be getting back to my childhood bad habit,Mumbai:)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Feels Good.....

You are working on your desk when your extension pick it and its a colleague who is part of your lunch group....

He :  "Hey,wanted to ask you something"
You : "Ya ya,go ahead"
He : "You know how to make palak paneer right?You had brought one day..."

You smile to yourself,quite expecting the next question "Teach me please,I am trying to make that"

You : "Yes,I can"
He : "Great,I was wondering if you would like to come to my house and make it next week?"

And you think,"Whaaaaatt??To satisfy his taste buds??No way!!"

You : "Errmm...i....eerrmmm"

He : "Arey listen,next week I am planning a get-together at my house and I am asking the specialists to cook their speciality.I will provide all ingredients...There will be many things then...and all will be together"

You,smiling again:-):-)

You : "But why...any special reason?"

He : "No No..just like that,making a weekend interesting "

And frankly,what the rest of the conversation was,didnt matter.Beacuse what kind of stuck on my mind was
"specialists to cook their speciality"

Of course,you like what you cook and he still might well end up having a great taste in the mouth,but this knid of hinted appreciation..really feels good!!:)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

And Then It happened!!

So my previous post highlighted some of the things I came to know or learned after arriving in UK.But there was one thing I had read before coming to Derby.Derby is famous as the most haunted town in UK,and trust me that knowledge had caused some kind of panic in me.But then I shooed away all scary thoughts thinking there is no such thing and quite forgot about all this after I landed here.

But then one day,it happened.

I was at the local hospital registering for the GP.As most places in UK it was not very crowded and the nurse in-charge had given me a form to be filled.As I sat on the desk filling the form,I heard the automatic door open .I looked up and there was nobody to be seen coming in or going out.My heart did skip a beat.I stared at the door,hoping there will be someone around.I just had to confirm someone did come in or go out.But there was no one.Then I hoped that it was a faulty mechanism and it would happen again.But it didn't happen.That was it.That was when all the scary thoughts came pouring back to my mind.I somehow completed the form and rushed out of that place.

And I continue to feel scared crossing that area.I know I shouldn't worry much about these things but sometimes cant help it:(

P.S:Thank God for Hanuman Chalisa:):)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

UK Stay Till Now...

Its been nearly 2 months since I am in Derby,UK and must say it has been a good stay till now.It has also been quite interesting to get used to the British way of living.That the British are quite formal and give high importance to manners was known to me.But some things still amused me. Here are a few of such instances:

1)Using the public transport,mostly the local bus,I noticed its kind of a norm to say "Thank You" to the driver while getting off.No no,it wont be a free ride or anything.You pay for the ride.You press the button for stopping the bus at your stop,you take care of your belongings.Its you who does everything and yet you say thank you while getting off.Maybe you thank the driver for driving safe!!
But since there is no harm in it,and especially because you get a "Cheers" in return,I have also adopted the habit:)

2)Now,we are all taught in etiquettes classes that we should hold the door for the next person after us.But what I have seen here is that people tend to hold the door for you even if you are coming from the opposite side and are even at a distance.For the gents,its as good as some crime if they dint hold the door for a lady.Come what may,they will insist that the lady passes first.I mostly find the door been held and what do I do?Smile and say "Thank You';)

3)So in Britain,it is common to say "Thanks" and "Cheers" etc...but then it also gets followed by "dear" or "love".now picture this,the service guy at the coffee outlet kept me waiting for a nano second...I didn't mind much..but he was so very apologetic...and said.."Sorry about that LOVE"...first time I heard that,the Indian in me was like...what!!any stranger calls me LOVE(translated into slowly I have realised,LOVE is not that big an issue here anyways...doesnt matter now:)

4)Now comes the incident which will keep on amusing me for a quite a long time.I was walking back home from office.Headphones in ears,I was listening to music,not really noticing the few playing kids and some lady walking with her dog in front of me.The dog suddenly started barking,it wasn't very scary,and I hardly noticed.But the lady pulled it back and came towards me.I didn't know what I had done for her to think that the dog was barking because of me.But what she said to me was.."I am so sorry...he was not barking at you..its the kids..he doesn't like kids...I am very sorry!!!"

You can imagine my reaction.?To her, I told that its okay but in my mind I was thinking....really?/I didn't even think once about why he was barking,maybe I am so used to stray dogs barking for no reason that this puppy yelp dint matter..but the owner coming and apologizing for it was quite something!!:)

Of course there are many such incidents and many more would be coming this space:)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Whatte sight!!

Though not my first flight,my recent flight was a new experience of sorts.....this was one of the first times when the plane had a camera near the cockpit...which meant I could get a view like the pilots from my seat......while in-flight things look quite is the take off and more so the landing that made my heart beat faster.It did give me a "phew" feeling when the plane finally stopped on the runway.Watching the runway coming closer at that really a sight not for the weak-hearted...but for the is just yur thing...just hope the clouds clear away!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

What happens to all the smart girls?

Came across this article,and saddened to know such things still happen...maybe not in cities...but in small towns maybe:(...Below are the writer's thoughts:
The Board examination results are out and a fresh batch of youngsters are scurrying around for college admissions. Every year when I see the news about cut-off percentages for colleges and the all India ranks, I recall my own examinations. I was one of those good studious girls who worried about marks and ranks. I cried for a whole day because I had erroneously left out a two-mark question in my class 10 physics examination. In the long run, it doesn't seem to have mattered at all but back then it seemed as though nothing would ever be right in the world again.

In India, the Board exams are awaited with more anxiety and eagerness than the Union Budget or elections. All activity in the house revolves around the young one studying for these exams. Younger siblings are silenced, mothers focus on preparing nutritious meals and motivational sermons, all the Gods are importuned and everyone is in a state of hushed tension. The 10th and 12th exams are an important milestone, a sort of rite of passage in the life of every educated young person. They are supposed to be a forerunner to every other test in life and a forecast of success or failure across your lifespan. The nature of results can trigger unnecessary suicides or disproportionate euphoria among boys and girls.

This year, yet again, girls have outscored boys in all these important exams. My newspaper informs me that in the Class XII CBSE exams, girls have received an average of 87.9 per cent against 77.78 per cent for the boys. They have performed marginally better than the boys in class 10 exams as well. Most of the school toppers are girls. Wonderful! I am thrilled for these young ladies. I am also scared for them. I wonder what happens to them after school. Where do the smart girls go?

I remember a girl in our school. She was in my sister's class, a bright young girl with shiny braids framing a soft round face. I think her name was Usha. Her father refused to let her attend college. She was kept at home after passing her class 12 exams with distinction. My sister and her friends trooped to her home to reason with her father but they were sent back with a scolding. They were not allowed to meet their friend who was crying in the adjoining room. We don't know what happened to that girl. We heard a few months later, that she had got engaged. I hope she is happy, at peace.

In school, especially in the urban areas, the number of girls and boys are almost equal. According a news report, in India, only 18 out of 100 school pass-outs actually go to college. Out of these, the number of girls is abysmally low. Only 9 per cent of the students in IITs are girls. I remember being one of the 6 girls in a class of 57 in business school. It gets worse when women enter the workforce and crawl up the corporate ladder. Only 5 per cent of the boards of companies have women on them. My work, as a leadership development facilitator and coach, takes me to many organisations. I meet very few women in senior leadership positions. In a group of 30 employees attending a leadership development programme, there could be one or two women. What happens to those smart ambitious women who graduate from college? What happens to those smart young women who enter the workforce with dreams in their eyes? What happens between the Board exams and the Board of directors?

In school and college, women are as ambitious and keen to succeed as men. They work hard, are equally committed, equally or more sincere and focussed. Ask any young girl today what she wants to become and she will say Doctor/Engineer/Miss India/writer/computer scientist/singer with complete confidence that she will make it. Some do, many don't. It would be easy to blame the patriarchal society, our traditions, other people who don't let us pursue our dreams - from unreasonable parents, demanding in-laws, callous husbands, the needy children, the terrible bosses. They all perhaps do play a part. But somewhere along the way, the smart young girls decide that it is not worth it, all the pressure, the struggle, the fight to constantly prove yourself, the lone battle in an unfriendly terrain.

Much smarter to convince yourself that you are happy to scale down the ambitions, to lock those dreams away and be grateful for whatever you are given. We teach our girls, the lucky ones who do get to school, to work hard, study hard and do well as long as they are in school. After that, we ask them to be reasonable, to adjust, to repay the favours that have been done with obedience and acceptance. Maybe we should teach our daughters to not only be smart but also to be a little foolish, a little selfish and a little reckless. Maybe, then they won't vanish in the haze of broken dreams.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Office Office..!!

Its not that I am new to the corporate world.But till now,maybe I was oblivious to it or was not affected by it,and hence was unaware of politics in office,I don't know.It is recently that the term "politics" has caught my fancy in the office and it is now that I have really started taking it seriously.

The expression ‘office politics’ has got a bad name. We think of them as something undesirable, unwholesome, toxic. But as I now realize, they are far from bad,just an inevitable part of professional life. They must be embraced with as much humour, self-conscious deliberation and wisdom as possible.
On a daily basis, it’s absolutely inevitable that people will find themselves competing. Interests at work frequently do not coincide. Resources are finite, like the most stimulating tasks, the best shift hours or pots for bonusses. It is healthy for us to use our wiles to try and get the best of these for ourselves. At its simplest, that’s all I mean by ‘office politics’: the normal wheezes everyone uses to advance their interests.

Positive or negative – politics happens. The philosopher Plato said, "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." And this hold true today ain the workplace: If you don't participate in the political game, you risk not having a say in what happens and allowing people with less experience, skill or knowledge to influence the decisions being made around you.
Office Politics are a fact of life. Wise politicking will help us get what we want in the world of work without compromising others in the process. I guess its better to learn to use its power positively while diffusing the efforts of those who abuse it. I am can you!!:-)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Holi Hai...!!!:):)

Its the colourful festival Holi today!!!

Wishing all a very happy and colourful Holi:):)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Self-Centred Beings...!!

It’s popular to accuse people of being self-centered. Some claim our entire society is self-centered and this is why we have the problems we do. I know some feel that is right to be self-centered. They might ask, who else should I center my life around?

Setting that aside, how do you think a person becomes self-centered? Are they born that way? Can we see this in a chart? Or are they taught to be self-centered?

In my opinion, I wouldn’t say that self-centeredness spawns from someone’s chart alone. Being wound up within ones self, I hope, is when one is growing, learning about themselves and reflecting. Certainly, this can become toxic and create turmoil within their relationships and livelihood.
I can say that within my age group, decade wise, there’s a LOT of self-centeredness, especially due to the way we socialize. There’s Facebook, Instagram, Orkut, etc., where it’s all about what I’m wearing, ate, or went.
Also, again from my viewpoint, the idea of community is changing. The notion that “it takes a village”, seems to either be taking a new form, or is just non-existent.
I do know some poeple who are all about them, but either because they had it rough when raised, or they’re parents or whomever aided in that thought process.
It seems that self-centeredness can spawn from fear of being let down, being dependent, not being on par with others, or the desire to feel special or wanted.

Whatever it might be, how do we deal with such people....if they are in our lives and we have no escape from them???

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Adhuri si baat....

This song from Barfi..!!All about incomplete conversations,incomplete emotions......feelings yet to be shared!!Quite meaningful...

Phir le aaya dil
Majboor kya kije
Raas na aaya
Rehna door kya kije
Dil keh raha
Use maqammal kar bhi aao
Wo jo adhuri si
Baat baaki hai
Wo jo adhuri si
Yaad baaki hai
Wo jo adhuri si
Yaad baaki hai

Karte hain hum
Aaj qabool kya kije
Ho gaye thi jo
Humse bhool kya kije
Dil keh raha
Use mayassar
Kar bhi aao
Wo jo dabi si
Aas baaki hai
Wo jo dabi si
Aanch baaki hai
Wo jo dabi si
Aanch baaki hai
Wo jo dabi si.. i..
Aanch baaki hai

Kismat ko hai ye
Manzoor kya kije ye..
Gapanidari.. niridanidamadapa..
Kismat ko hai ye
Manzoor kya kije
Kismat ko hai ye
Manzoor kya kije
Milte rahe hum
Badastoor kya kije
Dil keh raha hai
Use musalsal
Kar bhi aao
Wo jo ruki si
Raah baaki hai
Wo jo ruki si
Chaah baaki hai
Wo jo ruki si
Chaah baaki hai
Wo jo ruki si
Chaah baaki hai..