Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I have mostly always been quite a faint-hearted person..i.e:i never really watched any horror shows or movies.So much so that even the show "Aahat",which was described by my school mates as "more funny than scary",was a strict no-no on my to-watch list!!!!

Of course,with time ,I did overcome my fear for the dark and could comfortably stay alone in the house for a long time till last week.Last week I saw the movie which was touted as a thriller but ended up having a paranormal twist to it...and I have lost sleep again!!:(

Yes,I know it sounds kiddish and all, but then that is the kind of imagination I always had and I would have avoided the movie myself had I got even a slight hint about the kind of story it would be...Anyways,I am sure,in a few days I will be over this phase as well and my heart will be beating at a normal rate..not so fast!!!

For now,I let the lights of my room remain I try to sleep...


  1. hehehe.... jab hum chote te, yeh ladki sochti thi tiger raat ko aake le jayega! :)

    1. The girl also thought you would save her dada:)