Monday, December 31, 2012

Amanat....For You

RIP "Amanat"............this is something that has been heard,said and written a lot in the past two days.I am aware that there is an increasing anger against the government for not providing enough security to women.But according to several records,women mostly get raped within their safe zone as well.Till where can the police reach?

Yes,in "Amanat's" case,alert police could have helped,but the real monster lies in the minds of these blood suckers!!That is what really needs to be cleansed and the society will be rape free on its own.

It IS a huge task,but we can surely start with mothers educating their kids with the right values.Though urban India might catch up fast,it is the rural parts that need to change their mind set.And for that,it is a must that education reaches villages fast...that is where the government can step in...and definately,if Amanat's culprits are hanged or prosecuted,hopefully that will inculcate a fear in the minds of the rapists in contrast to the fear already present in innocent minds...

Hoping justice will be done to you Amanat,rest in peace.

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