Thursday, September 13, 2012

When in Rome.....

I do like reading news papers in the morning with my cup of tea.But this mostly happens on weekends as on working days,I am in a rush to reach office ASAP and can't even think of picking up the newspaper.So on weekdays,it is the e-paper I depend on to update myself with the happenings of the world.

But there is a glitch....while reading the e-paper,the city I select is Mumbai,not Bangalore!!Yes,I am most interested in how much rainfall Mumbai has received,why are Mumbai locals running slow or why was there a lot of traffic on the Eastern Express Highway.Inspite of being away,I just have to know the happenings of my hometown:-):-).But what happens due to that I miss out the happenings in the current city of my stay,Bangalore.And nothing proves that more than today.

As it happens,the local bus service in Bangalore,BMTC, has called for a strike today,of which I was blissfully unaware.It was in the papers,which I didn't read!!And so,I waited at the bus stop,but already running late decided to opt for the auto(still not realising about the strike).I am sure its not hard to imagine what a day the autowallahs must be having today...they are quoting fares out of their own wish,taking full advantage of the commuters' plight.But I dont know why the auto I took didnt hassle me and quoted the normal fare,leaving me still unaware of the bus strike(maybe the auto guy also was unaware of the strike..can happen no;);)).

It is only after I reached office and found people discussing about the chaos on the road that I came to know about the strike.I too joined the discussion and it was when I put forth a point as to "how can they do it suddenly,at least they should inform",a colleague responded "Of course they did,its in the papers,didnt you know?".Having no face to answer that,I did what I always do,went to my desk and opened the e-paper.And what do I see there?A headlines which said "Auto rickshaw union cancels strike".What!!??

So there was an auto strike which got cancelled and instead there is now a bus strike??No,no..wait!!It's the e-paper,I had selected Mumbai again!!The auto strike was supposed to be in Mumbai...and the bus strike has happened in Bangalore!!

What did I learn out of all this confusion :
1)Knowing about the world is good,but its futile if you dont know whats happening around aware!!
2)At least glance through the headlines of the local paper,its not always necessary to sip a cup of tea while reading the newspaper!!:):)

So I have an updated version of a famous proverb,"When in Rome,at least know what the Romans are doing";)

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