Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ek Machchar.......!!!

There is there advertisement on air these days with the tagline..."Ghar pe rakho kala HIT,kyunki ek machchar bhi dangerous hai",I dont know how well HIT works...but yes,one mosquito really does change your life dangerously!!

It was nearly two years ago,that I was diagnosed with Dengue.Admitted to hospital in a critical state,I survived thanks to the efficient doctors and the needle jabbing nurses.Was out of the hospital and recovered gradually...but what I missed out that time was that the other name for Dengue is "bone-breaker" fever...and higher the intensity of the fever,higher will be the adverse effects on the bones.

So, the Bone-Breaker that hit me was so severe that every time the temperature drops or there are cold winds blowing,I end up getting severe pain in some joint or other.And when that pain strikes,there is absolutely nothing that can lift my spirits.The doctors say these pains are a common after effect and will be gone gradually,but might take time...but what these pains have taught me is how important every single part of the body is for us.

The otherwise simple-seeming tasks like turning the door-knob or tying shoelaces seem herculean when the fingers are swollen....and something as normal as walking seems impossible when the ankles are hurting:(:(

Its also funny how your life changes due to such occurrences...a person like me who used to love winters now dreads any temperature dip..but the biggest change can be seen in my mother.A very-kind-at-heart person,my mom used to be content by just driving away the mosquitoes from the house,but since that wretched mosquito bit me,she makes sure that either by  swatting them or spraying pesticide,each mosquito is dead(ek bhi bachne na paaye!!;))...Talk of taking revenge!!


  1. Moms are really quite an adorable character :)

  2. you are not going to forgive that Machchar, I guess... :|