Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dunno when or how...!!

The last time I had traveled from Bangalore to Mumbai in a bus was in 2008..or around that time...since then I have been taking the aerial route....but this time round,due to several reasons,I booked myself a bus ticket.
Now the main bus stand in Bangalore,popularly known as Majestic is quite some distance from my I left early,anticipating traffic and all...I reached well before the scheduled bus departure time and was left with a lot of time on hand.In order to while away the time and also because I was a bit hungry...I went to a shop to buy something to eat.I knew the total would be 20rs,but due to lack of change,I handed the shopkeeper a 50rupee note.He gave me my stuff and returned 20rupees.I looked at him questioningly(dint say anything)and he banged a 5rupee coin in front of me,giving me a hard look...I took the change(still 5 rupees short)and went away quietly.Upon settling down,I checked the commodities I bought and I was right,I was supposed to pay him 20rs only..but he took 25rs.....
I am sure you want to know why I didn't question him?Surely 5 rupees is not an amount to be really bothered about...but then there is also a question of whats right and wrong....right?Well,the answer is quite simple...I was scared,and that too not without a reason.
Majestic is the same place where a friend of mine was beaten black and blue,when he asked for change for a chocolate he had bought.At that time,first the shopkeeper refused to return the change,so my friend(dint give up,you see)returned the chocolate and asked back the entire amount...that is when the shopkeeper started abusing him..and someone hit my friend from behind...the bashing continued for sometime and the matter was taken to police....nothing great really happened,with the rowdy guys just asked to apologize to my friend..
With this incident playing in the back of my mind...there was no way I(a girl traveling alone)would question the shopkeeper about the m.r.p.....
Not that I feel too great about it,but I frankly dont think I did the wrong thing...but it also disturbingly raises the question as to when and how such things would be curbed??Surely the authorities are aware of it and still such practices just continue....sadly,it does seem like a herculean task of freeing India from cheats like that!!!


  1. Really din't know someone was beaten up just for asking the change that too in mejestic :o It's really sad.

    And very annoying when you know you are right but still have to agree for the wrong by being quite..

  2. yeah...and i find it a bit scary too!!

  3. yeah I remember that beating-up the guy story..!!
    really irritating when smthng like that happens..