Monday, April 9, 2012

Old World Charm.....

Technology has changed the face of the world in almost all the spheres.We are in a new kind of world right now,with things getting digitized and the internet becoming a very big part of our lives.But inspite of all the advances,there are some things which still bring joy and contentment when done the old times.

Like for example,reading the newspaper.We have the option now of reading an online edition(e-paper) and always be updated with the latest news through Google News or any such site,but that doesnt give the the joy of reading the actual newspaper...preferably with a cup of tea in hand:-)

Then there is also the act of sending out scanned copies of  invitations(it is mostly marriage invitation).Yes,it is very convenient and definitely saves a lot of money,but then we miss out on personally wishing or for that matter teasing the person who is inviting us.Anyways,people still give out printed cards to all those whom they really want to be present,then isn't mailing a clear act of formality.....done just because it has to be done!!

But I think,the most affected are the birthday wishes....your childhood friends or friends of many years...the ones who were always wanting to be the first one to call and wish you....are now wishing you on social networking sites.Though wishing there is better than not wishing at all,as everyone now-a-days is having time and location constraints,I personally relish every phone call wish I get.....because its more than just a mere wish,its also a lot of catching up done and most importantly,the realization that the opposite person has taken off time specially for a genuinely happy feeling:-)

I myself am also a part of the technologically inclined crowd,but its just that there are some things of the past which are so wonderful that you feel like going back in time and experiencing them once again...:-):-)


  1. i miss the birthday cards :( u know one with personalized message ;-)

  2. So....I will definitely make it a point to call you on your B'day dear ;)