Wednesday, April 18, 2012 is it done???

In one line, “India’s best captain ever”. Yes, he’s not won the world cup,but one final victory does not make a captain. At least, that’s not my yardstick for judging a captain. Sourav Ganguly changed the Indian mentality, the Indian way of playing cricket.

When Ganguly first came on to the scene in 1996to play a Test for India, he scored a memorable hundred at Lord’s and since then became a favourite for many as a hundred on debut means fans will come aplenty.I,personally became a Ganguly fan during those Toronto days,when in the Sahara Cup against Pakistan,he would not only make runs but also take wickets.

When Sourav Ganguly took the reigns from Azharuddin,Indian cricket was in dire straits.It had been rocked by the match fixing scandal.Top players had been caught.There was hardly any experience in the Indian side.Tendulkar had been burdened by the expectations of captaincy.A normal cricketer who had accepted the captaincy would have been a victim of the circumstances but the name was Sourav Ganguly.He gleefully accepted the responsibility and shouldered it with zeal.He moulded an inexperienced outfit into world beaters.He made the youngsters believe in themselves.Sehwag,Yuvraj,Kaif,Harbhajan,Zaheer enjoyed their captain's backing.He changed the face of Indian Cricket,bringing about a huge transition.
The team no longer lacked the killer instinct.Aggression was one adjective which went with Sourav Ganguly.He led the team with gusto making Rahul Dravid keep wickets and cement his place in the one day side.Some called him adamant,some adventurous.Sourav was not the one to bother about critics."Dont worry about things which are beyond your control."he said.The results reflected his words.He had delivered the goods to the people of India.Indian Team was tranformed into Team India and we had discovered DADA.

Sourav is a man of emotions and never spared the opposition. See the video below where he tells Mohammed Yousuf to get up fast as his overs would be cut if he continued to nurse the injury.
He chose the Mecca of Cricket to open his shirt, wave it from the Lord’s balcony and celebrate India’s greatest ODI win since the WC in 1983 incidentally coming at the same ground

You might see greatness in Tendulkar, class in Laxman, grit in Dravid but for guts you have to have a look at Sourav. From letting Steve Waugh wait for the tosses to telling selectors that Yuvraj has to play to coming on national television in a soft drink ad and telling people to support a team he was dropped from. There is only one name.Sourav Chandidas Ganguly from Behala, Calcutta.

DADA has seen it all..Unimaginable peaks,depth of controversies,team loyalty,internal conspiracies, drawbacks, comebacks,disappointing defeats and intangible victories.But what he has truly achieved is a loyal fan base which feels elated when he triumphs and dejected whenever he gets ill treated(I,for one,wanted to be rich enough to buy an IPL team when he was ignored from the auctions last year). As recently as the present season of IPL,he is leading the Pune Warriors India(PWI) and I am sure there are loads of people like me who want Pune to win just because DADA leads it.

There is only one thing I want to know....destiny's child he might be...but how does he do it every time......coming back from the dumps and triumphing???Full on DADA-giri it is...:):) 


  1. hmmm.... awesome!
    only a true fan can know so much about dada's dadagiri and his reasons behind his dadagiri...
    good yaar

  2. tu chan lihiti be. I would say start thinking about being a citizen journalist or something where people(who don't know you and hopefully know better about writing :)) will comment on your article. you will be better article by article. and who know, one day.. I would say, 'oh suchita! she is my friend!' :)
    All the best!!