Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wisdom from books-2

"The Quest for Nothing" by Anurag Anand is a DINK (Double Income No Kids)  story very realistically told, reflective of the lives of most working youngsters today who have the world at their feet and don’t exactly know what to do with it!!

With the novel commencing with a poem acknowledging friends and family alike I wondered as I read along as to whether the forthcoming pages would be as enticing as this. Fortunately, I was not disappointed.

Each chapter begins as a periodic phase and you get a vague idea as to what the story is all about like in the first chapter which is a good introduction into the life of the main protagonist, Akash.

The story surges in and out of a conflicting, energy packed present to an equally jam packed past sometimes misleading the reader into thinking that All Iz Well before falling into a whirlpool of hurt and disappointing expectations. The DINK story is not just about Akash but about two individuals, Akash and his wife Deepali who are totally in sync with their work and with each other until time and situation make them pause and contemplate. Their lives are described awfully well by the author Anurag Anand so much so that we, the readers can identify with it completely at certain times.

The language used in the novel is quite simple and the way the story is woven,it almost gives a mystery-type feel....The conclusion of the novel clears away any cobwebs of doubt you may have encountered mid way during the story.

The Quest For Nothing conveys a perfect message through the saga of success, love and the race for more and more in life when we realize that life is indeed the present which needs to be enjoyed but not carelessly cast away in the ‘mad dash’ for success, money or frivolous fun!

As an after effect of reading the book,I am reminded of a ("WISDOM")quote which says,

""Never take the person who values you for granted because you might wake up one day and realize that you've lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones"'


  1. you ought to be consultant - kitna gyaan baat ti ho!

    1. :):)its not really gyaan baantna....its only sharing what i feel....consultants make you agree with what they feel;)

  2. u save me from boredom,sine ur and mine tastes are alike,ur views on a movie or a book are highly valued :-)