Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Horn Ok Please!!!

"Horn Ok Please" is the message which (nearly)all of our Indian trucks have painted at their back and in fact,I dont think any of us have missed seeing it till now!!

But apart from that also,there are quite some weird,funny and sometimes quite meaningful messages written at the back of the trucks which I find very interesting!!!

Presenting some of the funny and some words of wisdom on our trucks,(which is a credit taken for originality!!!)

    ** Kanoon na kayada, chamchagiri se fayada ** How true!!
    ** Yaad karo us maiyya ko, jo paar laga de naiyya ko ** Baat main dum hai bhai!!
    ** Ek ho, magar sher ho** Hmmm…
    ** Bhai ho to Bharat jaisa, beta ho to Shravan jaisa** A wishful thinking?!!
    ** Paas aayega, to itihaas ban jaayega.** This one’s dangerous, mate!
    ** Raam Raam rut, saamne se to hut** The haughty one, I guess!
    ** Lagi jhapki, zindagi tapki** Must have had a close shave, what say?
    ** Sapne nahin, saamne dekh** Says the preacher!
    ** Jitna sukh chaho, utna kariye jaap, dukh bhi jitna sah sako, utna kariye paap** A profound thought indeed! I like it!
    ** Dekho aur tarso, phir milenge parson** Oh…what!?
    ** Gyan mat baantiye, yahaan sabhi gyaani hain**s Wah, kya baat hai! I second it...
    ** Gati par brake, varna haddi break** Says a traffic cop turned truck driver!
    ** Jab tak bheetar aag rahegi, jaari bhagambhag rahegi** Another preacher amongst us!!

And my all time favorite: 'Buri nazar wale tera munh kala....apna toh best friend hai uparwaala'!!:):)

PS: Which bumper sticker made u tickle??


  1. jab tak bheetar aag rahegi......

  2. You Missed the most common one... "Ghar kab Aaoge!!!" :)

  3. Good observation as always :)
    I liked the Jitna sukh chaho... one..infact heard it for the first time!!

    Btw u missed 'Hum do ,Humaare do' ;)

    1. hahahahha....of course i missed it...and u remembered:P....btw..thanks!:)