Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why This Kolaveri?????

Alright,this isn't a post about the "oh-so-popular" soup song that one can hear everywhere these days.But I need to mention that the song provided me a way to express what I feel on meeting some intriguing people.

Most of us would be knowing by now that "Why This Kolaveri" means "Why this (murderous)rage against me"..and that is in fact, exactly what I have always wanted to know as far as certain people are concerned.....

Now,even as I am saying it myself,I can say for sure,that no one can actually start disliking me or get mad at me right from meeting me the first I mostly meet people with a smile,and a smile never goes wrong:-)

That is why,it still beats me why this person,whom I would refer henceforth as 'X' had this cold behavior towards me right from Day 1.To give a brief background,X is actually a good friend's friend,flat-mate to be precise and so I used to meet X  now and then,whenever I used to drop in at the friend's house.As my friend had warned me about X's lifestyle habits and tendency to get a little worked up if things are not in place,I used to be at my best behaviour at their house just so that I dont provide any reason for a tiff between the flat sharers.I even talked about what X liked to hear,and did things at the cost of making a fool of myself sometimes,but somehow the ice never broke between us...Me and my friend have laughed about it and discussed umpteen times as to what could possibly be the reason for such attitude,because its not the same for anyone else other than me,but have come up with no answer....still,I continue with what I can do best...being correct from my side and SMILE:-)

Apart from X also,there are some other kinds of people who intrigue me a lot....Some cases in point:

->There are the ones who would hardly stay in touch when away,but when they meet you, they will shower so much love that you start feeling,how were they even alive without you..or vice versa;)

->There are some who would make big claims and even bigger plans to catch up with you,but end up not showing up only, by  giving some amusing reason EVERY SINGLE TIME,so much so that the next time they
plan something,you yourself are easily able  to predict their reason for another NO-SHOW

->These next ones will be present in every one's life...the ones who call or contact you ONLY when they are in need..never otherwise....I mean   don't they themselves feel awkward or embarrassed at their own behaviour???

->There are also some people who would agree to whatever you say in front of you,as if your thoughts are exactly matching,and  later on grumble about wanting things the other way around...Seriously,there is a way of
speaking your mind in a   non-argumentative way also,if only they could know!!!

I am sure there are many more funny,interesting and worth discussing species out there...any of you met someone like that???

Friday, January 6, 2012

Its the New Year...!!!

Yes yes,I know I am well a week late to wish...but better late than never..."HAPPY NEW YEAR" to all !!!:-):-)

With the new year,comes the talks of resolutions!!Of bringing changes and all....Few will follow and most of us will break it after few days or weeks or month.So why this resolution wesolution things.

Be happy the way you are.
I have no resolution for coming new year and I don't want one.