Monday, December 31, 2012

Amanat....For You

RIP "Amanat"............this is something that has been heard,said and written a lot in the past two days.I am aware that there is an increasing anger against the government for not providing enough security to women.But according to several records,women mostly get raped within their safe zone as well.Till where can the police reach?

Yes,in "Amanat's" case,alert police could have helped,but the real monster lies in the minds of these blood suckers!!That is what really needs to be cleansed and the society will be rape free on its own.

It IS a huge task,but we can surely start with mothers educating their kids with the right values.Though urban India might catch up fast,it is the rural parts that need to change their mind set.And for that,it is a must that education reaches villages fast...that is where the government can step in...and definately,if Amanat's culprits are hanged or prosecuted,hopefully that will inculcate a fear in the minds of the rapists in contrast to the fear already present in innocent minds...

Hoping justice will be done to you Amanat,rest in peace.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I have mostly always been quite a faint-hearted person..i.e:i never really watched any horror shows or movies.So much so that even the show "Aahat",which was described by my school mates as "more funny than scary",was a strict no-no on my to-watch list!!!!

Of course,with time ,I did overcome my fear for the dark and could comfortably stay alone in the house for a long time till last week.Last week I saw the movie which was touted as a thriller but ended up having a paranormal twist to it...and I have lost sleep again!!:(

Yes,I know it sounds kiddish and all, but then that is the kind of imagination I always had and I would have avoided the movie myself had I got even a slight hint about the kind of story it would be...Anyways,I am sure,in a few days I will be over this phase as well and my heart will be beating at a normal rate..not so fast!!!

For now,I let the lights of my room remain I try to sleep...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Two years old!!:):)

My "Piece of Mind" is turning 2 today!!!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

When in Rome.....

I do like reading news papers in the morning with my cup of tea.But this mostly happens on weekends as on working days,I am in a rush to reach office ASAP and can't even think of picking up the newspaper.So on weekdays,it is the e-paper I depend on to update myself with the happenings of the world.

But there is a glitch....while reading the e-paper,the city I select is Mumbai,not Bangalore!!Yes,I am most interested in how much rainfall Mumbai has received,why are Mumbai locals running slow or why was there a lot of traffic on the Eastern Express Highway.Inspite of being away,I just have to know the happenings of my hometown:-):-).But what happens due to that I miss out the happenings in the current city of my stay,Bangalore.And nothing proves that more than today.

As it happens,the local bus service in Bangalore,BMTC, has called for a strike today,of which I was blissfully unaware.It was in the papers,which I didn't read!!And so,I waited at the bus stop,but already running late decided to opt for the auto(still not realising about the strike).I am sure its not hard to imagine what a day the autowallahs must be having today...they are quoting fares out of their own wish,taking full advantage of the commuters' plight.But I dont know why the auto I took didnt hassle me and quoted the normal fare,leaving me still unaware of the bus strike(maybe the auto guy also was unaware of the strike..can happen no;);)).

It is only after I reached office and found people discussing about the chaos on the road that I came to know about the strike.I too joined the discussion and it was when I put forth a point as to "how can they do it suddenly,at least they should inform",a colleague responded "Of course they did,its in the papers,didnt you know?".Having no face to answer that,I did what I always do,went to my desk and opened the e-paper.And what do I see there?A headlines which said "Auto rickshaw union cancels strike".What!!??

So there was an auto strike which got cancelled and instead there is now a bus strike??No,no..wait!!It's the e-paper,I had selected Mumbai again!!The auto strike was supposed to be in Mumbai...and the bus strike has happened in Bangalore!!

What did I learn out of all this confusion :
1)Knowing about the world is good,but its futile if you dont know whats happening around aware!!
2)At least glance through the headlines of the local paper,its not always necessary to sip a cup of tea while reading the newspaper!!:):)

So I have an updated version of a famous proverb,"When in Rome,at least know what the Romans are doing";)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kasab Qatar Mein Hain....

So the verdict is out for Ajmal Kasab...SC has upheld the death penalty for him.A wave of mixed emotions went through the nation,but the below article I read on internet quite sums it up.BEWARE:Its quite long....

I was at a South Delhi cafe this evening where I happened to over hear a rather animated conversation between a group of youngsters glued to the slim LCD monitor that flickered overhead.
'This Kasab'sa real dude man, he looks so young and still,' paused a twenty-something man with gelled hair and a pierced eyebrow as the girl sitting next to him added, "Imagine brutally killing so many people, and then cooling your heels in prison, gorging on State funded biryani, f*** this happens only in India."
"You're lucky you're pushing off to US soon, pays to be a businessman's only daughter. At least you are in a country with balls. Osama ki dhajiya udha diya saalo ne, and look at us... took us years to even get a bloody Court verdict! F******* Indians," another young man with green eyes, clad in khaki shorts interrupted, wrapping his arms around the young lady in question.
She smirked adding, 'Shiiish shut up Sonu, listen to the news, they are saying there is no hangman to hang Kasab. Now what? More biryani kya?'
A moment of silence passed, outside it was drizzling, the skies overcast, as if in solemn remembrance of those we lost...on an evening like this... on a night like 26/ a city like Mumbai.
All day, Indians like these, belonging to various age and ethnic groups, sitting in plush restaurants or in crowded office corners, listening to the radio, or watching the afternoon bulletin on their latest LCD's, clad in trendy shorts or demurely covered in saris, have had the chance to react to the much awaited ruling of the country's highest legal body - the Supreme Court on a man who held our nation hostage.
A 25-year-old boy from Faridkot, Pakistan, Kasab ruthlessly wielded an AK-47 on the streets of Mumbai on a night that has gone down in the annals of our country as the bloodiest terror attack on Indian soil, a high pitched battle that was literally fought in the luxury of our living rooms busting the privacy of glitzy South Mumbai.
"Are you happy that Kasab is going to be hung?" I couldn't help but quiz the young gang that had caught my attention, quickly adding, 'it's a proud moment for us Indians.' All heads turned back.
"Talking to me?" the girl asked, drinking a sip of her cafe latte. I nodded in silence. Someone had changed the channel. MTV I think. Safer perhaps.
The boys began laughing. "What's there to be proud? This also must be a well thought out political plan, isn't our PM in Tehran, on the brink of some talks and shit with Zardari. Socha hoga, chal dara teh ain saalo ko, duffer kahinka!" I was aghast.
The boy with the pierced eyebrow followed politics. Not something I expected. Honestly!
"You know I am from Mumbai, my family still lives there. I came here to study, college... it was scary that night. My parents had just left the Taj, we lost two of our family friends... my mother couldn't stop crying for days. We don't go there anymore, maybe it's why I left too... Mumbai same nahin raha us din ke baad... I mean woh raat... phat gayi hum logo ki samjho... bade keh ke phirte the India's safest city, bakwas! Imagine, he, he...his Kasab chap he entered Leopold, arreColaba man. We all used to roam about in Colaba... it's home... it's the coolest place to hang out. Not any more, now everything feels weird... the café owners also have preserved the bullet marks, framed it... maybe it helps... tourists dig all this shit after all. Terror tourism or something, pada tha kahin pein. Maybe it helps his business... sab chaltahain is deshmein!" the young lady rued, turning away her face, making me regret my rather direct questions.
Maybe that's the problem with this verdict - maybe too much time has passed, maybe it just doesn't matter anymore, maybe all it will lead to are lengthy televised debates and post-dated newspaper jargon. And some FB banter, a lot of Likes and...
Maybe we've already lost whatever we had to - perhaps it really is all in the past. Our grief, our anger, our deep seated grudge towards the political and judicial system of our country that conveniently camouflages its weaknesses and cuts behind the multi-colored umbrella of democracy, whenever it suits their purpose.
Maybe our voice, our nights of wild abandon, the feeling of being protected, the knowledge that we are safe is now no longer a subject of debate. 'This country is f***** up,' the shorts-clad young man mutters, texting someone.
Is it true then that we've got nothing left, nothing except to be cynical, like this? To openly laugh at ourselves, that we fed biryani to a human butcher, all these years... in all this time.
Months, weeks and days,bit by bit, allowing our youth to get jaded, telling them it was cool to take to Twitter and Facebook instead with a vengeance, turning their impotent rage into quirky quotes and strong status messages and then suddenly when we thought we in India were part of a global social media revolution, to slap a ban on some Twitter accounts. To say shut up! You've said enough. Now, it's our turn.
In the interim of course, hundreds of faceless innocents kept facing the brunt of our shallow security systems, all our 'talk' summits and missions, sometimes to Pakistan, sometimes to big brother US, sometimes to other nations routine diplomatic banter.
Slowly, forging an army of dissent, building it up, bit by bit, collecting a crowd of commoners who preferred the ammunition offered by a doddering Gandhian Anna Hazare and a scantily clad Yoga guru turned political commentator Baba Ramdev, as opposed to investing their faith in the Government, the custodians of our so-called democratic bastion...the netas we, we the people, elected ourselves. By our own choice.
So where do I stand? In all this tamasha?
As an ex journalist who lost a colleague to the bloodied violence in Mumbai, I personally also felt nothing but hopelessness today, in a similar vein, like the youngsters who now stared back, stared hopelessly back into my eyes. A friend on Facebook, reacted to my angst about the undue lengthening of the Kasab drama saying and I quote, 'Untrue - this is the natural price that a country must happily pay for a complete and judicious process of justice. We are not a kangaroo court country and before a judgment is passed, it must be duly tried in a court of law with all the procedures. This is called democracy.'
In my defense, he was the only one who seemed to be lauding the verdict.
I wasn't alone. At least on Facebook.
Don't get me wrong though. I'm all for Kasab being hung. But, to me the larger question is when? How soon will this sentence be implemented? I can't help wandering if Kasab too will meet the same fate as Afzal Guru, the dreaded mastermind and prime accused in the Parliament attack who status has been 'Idle' on death row for a while now, with his mercy plea probably rotting in some shadowy file somewhere in Rashtrapati Bhavan.
Here's my next argument - Do men who commit such heinous crimes even merit a mercy plea? Isn't it time we thought of changing some of the laws in our country, to make them more suited for a nation continually under attack, on its home soil by groups sponsored from outside as well as home grown terror outfits? Who does this kind of legal structure serve in the end? The people? The politicians? Our perpetrators?
Second point. And more importantly, are we scared of the larger political repercussions if criminals like Afzal Guru and Kasab finally being hung? Could it lead to more bomb blasts? More blood shed? Maybe another case of high jacking? A dozen more surveillance cameras tucked atop parking lots? Bigger guns and sturdier bullet proof jackets for our police and task forces? In other words, more embarrassment for our Government, security agencies, anti-terrorist groups, police patrol stations? The detection of more loopholes in the system? Greater evidence of corruption, confusion and cowardice? A bigger post mortem?
More Anna's and Ramdev's thronging the pathways rubbing shoulders occasionally with actors and ex cops? More out cry on social networking sites? More TVP's? More fingers pointed, more voices raised, more name calling, more mud slinging - in Parliament, in the papers, in the media, in the minds, in the DNA of our already deflated national pride? In our daily, Dengue infested lives?
Just a basic Google search throws up news reports that Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, is the 309th prisoner in India awaiting execution. At least 256 condemned convicts are awaiting Supreme Court's and high courts' endorsement to their death sentence handed down by trial courts at present.
A sum total of 52 others have filed mercy petitions before the Central Government seeking pardon or reduction of their sentence. The long list of convicts on death row means that Kasab may not be actually hung soon. If executed, Kasab will be the 52nd person to be hanged in India since Independence.
In Maharashtra itself, where Kasab is lodged, 39 prisoners are awaiting execution. Ahead of Kasab are men like Mohammed Afzal Guru, awaiting the President's decision on his mercy petition. Also, giving Kasabcompany are fugitive underworld don Tiger Memon's brother Yaqub Memon and 11 others, awaiting the Supreme Court's decision on the death sentence awarded by an Mumbai anti-terror court in December 2006 for their role in the serial bombing in the city that killed 257 people and maimed 713 others.
During the last decade (1990-2000), the President rejected seven mercy petitions and commuted the sentences of two, while in the previous decade (1980-89) out of 45 mercy petitions, 41 were rejected and four commuted.
Am I only one getting a sinking feeling?
The father of NSG commando Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who was martyred while fighting the Mumbai terrorists, said earlier to a news website, "I welcome the (Kasab) judgement. I request the President to expedite the punishment and dispose off his mercy petition."
Our new President, Pranab Babu, resigned from being Finance Minister at a time when India was facing its gravest economic doldrums to fulfill his long awaited political ambition. Read making way for Rahul Baba to sit pretty in the Cabinet, possibly being given the defence or home ministry portfolio.
No, not defence! We just nailed Kasab.
Sorry Poltuda, but my Bengali pride also didn't understand your decision. That you preferred the calm of Raisina Hills to the storm brewing outside - in the eyes of every Indian citizen... in their tears when their loved ones were massacred in once upon a time, picture post card perfect Assam, in the gloomy darkness of refugee camps, in the long sighs of middle class, law abiding, Pan card holding Indians who stood in serpentine queues in gas stations hoping to fill up their empty tanks before midnight, in the muffled cries of women being raped daily in metro cities or in helpless suicide notes penned by professionals like Geetika against a tainted, fraudulent minister Kanda who roamed around scot-free for days, shoving a finger up our faith in the security of this country.... once again, perhaps more prominently than the last.
So, is that all we have? A lot of rage and then nothing... nothing except to wait... wait for change. Like Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan's aging father... a man who has no choice but to live in the shadow of his son's heroic and courageous sacrifice. A man we salute with pride.
I remember telling a friend some time back, as we basked in the Olympic limelight, that what are we celebrating? A bunch of runner-ups? The fact that we didn't win gold? Or that at least, at least we won something? After all, God knows India needs heroes? Someone with a story and a medal, or, or just the other way around. Someone who takes the memories of nights like 26/11 away, banishing our failures.
This evening, as I sat listening to a couple of strangers, all of them half my age, I realised in some way what we had actually lost. The hope amongst our youth... the next generation, our progeny, our brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, their friends, our aunt's cousins. All they now want perhaps like the group sitting before me was a way out. Anywhere... to a place which felt like home, but was safer. At least in parts.
Safer in a way that Colaba doesn't quite feel anymore, or Lajpat Nagar, or Pune, or Jaipur... despite the candle-lit marches, despite the walkie-talkie holding mustached cops, despite the security checks at malls and markets across the nation. Despite the promise that even a day like today brought.
As I conclude, a close friend texts, "You know With Supreme Court upholding the death sentence awarded by Bombay High Court him, the biggest question arises as to who'll execute him? There is a lack of executioner in Maharashtra." Did I mention it's also her FB status.
As if we didn't have enough on our hands!
"In 2004, Dhananjoy Chatterjee was executed in the case of rape and murder of a girl in West Bengal. Nata Mallik conducted his execution. But he died few years ago," I scrolled down on her FB page to get some more dope.
"Hey, I don't mind hanging the son of a b****," someone had commented. 16 Likes.
I smiled.
"Nata Mallik's son Mahadev Mallik who is presently working as a sweeper has appealed that he's ready to execute Kasab. Nata Mallik and his father had executed 25 and 600 people respectively. Mahadev has reportedly declared, 'Hanging to someone death is in my blood, I am well versed in this task,' I add to the post after some more reading online.
There's something about Mahadev Mallik that makes me pause.
I think of my country. I think of my family. I think of Mumbai where I lived and worked once and Kolkata where I grew up and now Delhi where I reside.
I think of all the bomb blasts I've read and heard about, wars I've seen on television... I think of Kasab. I think of all the victims, their deaths, their lives.
Maybe Mahadev Mallik is just one of us.
An Indian who is scared of happiness... an Indian living in fear.
An Indian in exile.
Sick of hearing the excuse, 'aap qatar mein hain.'

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

House Party....

Staying away from home endears you to others who are away from home as well.And if you happen to find like-minded people,friendship is sure to blossom:-)
It is these friends(specially,if they DON'T double up as your roomies;)) that make your weekends special and hanging out with them is something worth looking forward to!!

But when you have been staying in the same city for quite some years,hanging "out" as such also becomes quite boring ,as all the malls have been visited and all the places worth seeing,been seen.

If it is all about having a gala time with friends,then what better than meeting up at one of our houses...but yes,there are roommates who might not be very welcoming to the idea of playing passive hosts on a weekend.

So,last weekend,when I happened to have my house all by myself,I invited my friends to come over for lunch.They agreed and 3 two-wheelers made way to my house.

A bottle of coke,lunch ordered,TT,Biliards,Dumb charades,indoor cricket and we didn't know how time flew.Add to it individual performances by each one(including the re-run of already heard joke;);)) and we ended up having not only much to enjoy but also to remember and laugh out later!!

I guess,if the movie we saw later, "cocktail" would have have been a little would have been a perfect end to the fun day:(...but again we had dinner together and the movie was forgotten;);)

So you see,house parties rock.I have been a part of many since school days,and advocate them even now.If only,we had more houses to party in;);)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ek Machchar.......!!!

There is there advertisement on air these days with the tagline..."Ghar pe rakho kala HIT,kyunki ek machchar bhi dangerous hai",I dont know how well HIT works...but yes,one mosquito really does change your life dangerously!!

It was nearly two years ago,that I was diagnosed with Dengue.Admitted to hospital in a critical state,I survived thanks to the efficient doctors and the needle jabbing nurses.Was out of the hospital and recovered gradually...but what I missed out that time was that the other name for Dengue is "bone-breaker" fever...and higher the intensity of the fever,higher will be the adverse effects on the bones.

So, the Bone-Breaker that hit me was so severe that every time the temperature drops or there are cold winds blowing,I end up getting severe pain in some joint or other.And when that pain strikes,there is absolutely nothing that can lift my spirits.The doctors say these pains are a common after effect and will be gone gradually,but might take time...but what these pains have taught me is how important every single part of the body is for us.

The otherwise simple-seeming tasks like turning the door-knob or tying shoelaces seem herculean when the fingers are swollen....and something as normal as walking seems impossible when the ankles are hurting:(:(

Its also funny how your life changes due to such occurrences...a person like me who used to love winters now dreads any temperature dip..but the biggest change can be seen in my mother.A very-kind-at-heart person,my mom used to be content by just driving away the mosquitoes from the house,but since that wretched mosquito bit me,she makes sure that either by  swatting them or spraying pesticide,each mosquito is dead(ek bhi bachne na paaye!!;))...Talk of taking revenge!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Your Life...Your Way!

Secondary School Civics Textbook-1st Chapter 1st line-"Man is a social animal...he needs society to live in"...correct no??

So,how many people do we really need in our lives (or society) to live happily??

Thankfully there is no set number of people we need....or else it would become really difficult to "let go" of some people.

Yes,at some point in all our lives,we just drift apart from some people.Sometimes the drift is gradual,sometimes intentional.

It is not necessary,that who was once so important in our lives will always be the same.Things might start to change and they might start treating you like dirt.Don't let them.It might not be easy though,but it is your right to decide who should be in
your life and whose absence might well do you good.

In human relationships distance is not measured in miles, but in affection.  Two people can be right next to each other, yet miles apart.  So don’t ignore someone who cares about you, because lack of concern hurts more than angry words.  Stay in touch with those who matter to you.  Not because it’s convenient, but because they’re worth the extra effort. 

We  don’t need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends we can be certain of.  Paying attention to these people is a priority.

No one has the right to judge you.  They might have heard your stories, but they didn’t feel what you were going through.  No matter what you do, there will always be someone who thinks differently.  So concentrate on doing what you know in your heart is right.Pay attention to your relationship with yourself.One of the most painful things in life is losing yourself in the process of loving others too much, and forgetting that you are special too.

Some people bring happiness "wherever" they go; some bring it "whenever" they go.Let the "whenevers" go out of your life.....but be the "wherever" in others' life.That at least,can be tried!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dunno when or how...!!

The last time I had traveled from Bangalore to Mumbai in a bus was in 2008..or around that time...since then I have been taking the aerial route....but this time round,due to several reasons,I booked myself a bus ticket.
Now the main bus stand in Bangalore,popularly known as Majestic is quite some distance from my I left early,anticipating traffic and all...I reached well before the scheduled bus departure time and was left with a lot of time on hand.In order to while away the time and also because I was a bit hungry...I went to a shop to buy something to eat.I knew the total would be 20rs,but due to lack of change,I handed the shopkeeper a 50rupee note.He gave me my stuff and returned 20rupees.I looked at him questioningly(dint say anything)and he banged a 5rupee coin in front of me,giving me a hard look...I took the change(still 5 rupees short)and went away quietly.Upon settling down,I checked the commodities I bought and I was right,I was supposed to pay him 20rs only..but he took 25rs.....
I am sure you want to know why I didn't question him?Surely 5 rupees is not an amount to be really bothered about...but then there is also a question of whats right and wrong....right?Well,the answer is quite simple...I was scared,and that too not without a reason.
Majestic is the same place where a friend of mine was beaten black and blue,when he asked for change for a chocolate he had bought.At that time,first the shopkeeper refused to return the change,so my friend(dint give up,you see)returned the chocolate and asked back the entire amount...that is when the shopkeeper started abusing him..and someone hit my friend from behind...the bashing continued for sometime and the matter was taken to police....nothing great really happened,with the rowdy guys just asked to apologize to my friend..
With this incident playing in the back of my mind...there was no way I(a girl traveling alone)would question the shopkeeper about the m.r.p.....
Not that I feel too great about it,but I frankly dont think I did the wrong thing...but it also disturbingly raises the question as to when and how such things would be curbed??Surely the authorities are aware of it and still such practices just continue....sadly,it does seem like a herculean task of freeing India from cheats like that!!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pigeon or Statue?

You are in a small lift(OK,elevator) which has the capacity for 5 people and there enters a person with a huge back pack and standing in front of you,nearly crushes you....what could you possibly do?Nothing really,because someday even you could be the person with the backpack in a crowded lift ,,,in short,someday you are the statue and someday the pigeon!!

It is true that when we have a really bad day…it certainly can feel like a “statue” day… when every “pigeon” in town seems to be dumping on us. We start out the day with a flat tire, miss an appointment scheduled for two months, realize we left our purse on the table at home with our driving license, credit cards and money for lunch. The spare tire deflats before we can get the car to the dealership and we are stranded with no way to pay. Yes, we have all had bad days….statue days where it feels like all the pigeons in the world have lined up to aim at just you.
And then unknowingly, we become pigeons too. We get stressed, over-tired and say things we shouldn’t…and really don’t mean. We “dump” our droppings on unsuspecting “statues” who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time...

So,all in all

Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Being on Time...helps!!:-)

Being on time is a virtue. It shows you that first of all you respect yourself and your own time, and that you take life seriously. It also shows others that you respect them and value their time....Want to know what can go wrong on being late??Read on......

After twenty-five years in the same parish, Father O'Malley was saying his farewells at his retirement dinner. An eminent member of the congregation - a leading politician - had been asked to make a presentation and a short speech, but was late arriving. So the priest took it upon himself to fill the time, and stood up to the microphone:

"I remember the first confession I heard here twenty-five years ago and it worried me as to what sort of place I'd come to... That first confession remains the worst I've ever heard. The chap confessed that he'd stolen a TV set from a neighbor and lied to the police when questioned, successfully blaming it on a local scallywag. He said that he'd stolen money from his parents and from his employer; that he'd had affairs with several of his friends' wives; that he'd taken hard drugs, and had slept with another woman and given her a disease.

You can imagine what I thought... However I'm pleased to say that as the days passed I soon realized that this sad fellow was a frightful exception and that this parish was indeed a wonderful place full of kind and decent people..."

At this point the politician arrived and apologized for being late, and keen to take the stage, he immediately stepped up to the microphone and pulled his speech from his pocket: "I'll always remember when Father O'Malley first came to our parish," said the politician, "In fact, I'm pretty certain that I was the first person in the parish that he heard in confession....."


Wednesday, April 18, 2012 is it done???

In one line, “India’s best captain ever”. Yes, he’s not won the world cup,but one final victory does not make a captain. At least, that’s not my yardstick for judging a captain. Sourav Ganguly changed the Indian mentality, the Indian way of playing cricket.

When Ganguly first came on to the scene in 1996to play a Test for India, he scored a memorable hundred at Lord’s and since then became a favourite for many as a hundred on debut means fans will come aplenty.I,personally became a Ganguly fan during those Toronto days,when in the Sahara Cup against Pakistan,he would not only make runs but also take wickets.

When Sourav Ganguly took the reigns from Azharuddin,Indian cricket was in dire straits.It had been rocked by the match fixing scandal.Top players had been caught.There was hardly any experience in the Indian side.Tendulkar had been burdened by the expectations of captaincy.A normal cricketer who had accepted the captaincy would have been a victim of the circumstances but the name was Sourav Ganguly.He gleefully accepted the responsibility and shouldered it with zeal.He moulded an inexperienced outfit into world beaters.He made the youngsters believe in themselves.Sehwag,Yuvraj,Kaif,Harbhajan,Zaheer enjoyed their captain's backing.He changed the face of Indian Cricket,bringing about a huge transition.
The team no longer lacked the killer instinct.Aggression was one adjective which went with Sourav Ganguly.He led the team with gusto making Rahul Dravid keep wickets and cement his place in the one day side.Some called him adamant,some adventurous.Sourav was not the one to bother about critics."Dont worry about things which are beyond your control."he said.The results reflected his words.He had delivered the goods to the people of India.Indian Team was tranformed into Team India and we had discovered DADA.

Sourav is a man of emotions and never spared the opposition. See the video below where he tells Mohammed Yousuf to get up fast as his overs would be cut if he continued to nurse the injury.
He chose the Mecca of Cricket to open his shirt, wave it from the Lord’s balcony and celebrate India’s greatest ODI win since the WC in 1983 incidentally coming at the same ground

You might see greatness in Tendulkar, class in Laxman, grit in Dravid but for guts you have to have a look at Sourav. From letting Steve Waugh wait for the tosses to telling selectors that Yuvraj has to play to coming on national television in a soft drink ad and telling people to support a team he was dropped from. There is only one name.Sourav Chandidas Ganguly from Behala, Calcutta.

DADA has seen it all..Unimaginable peaks,depth of controversies,team loyalty,internal conspiracies, drawbacks, comebacks,disappointing defeats and intangible victories.But what he has truly achieved is a loyal fan base which feels elated when he triumphs and dejected whenever he gets ill treated(I,for one,wanted to be rich enough to buy an IPL team when he was ignored from the auctions last year). As recently as the present season of IPL,he is leading the Pune Warriors India(PWI) and I am sure there are loads of people like me who want Pune to win just because DADA leads it.

There is only one thing I want to know....destiny's child he might be...but how does he do it every time......coming back from the dumps and triumphing???Full on DADA-giri it is...:):) 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Thinkable Thoughts...

A friend's Facebook status....liked it there..sharing it here:):)

A pencil maker taught 5 important lessons to pencils: 

1st -Everything u do wil always leave a mark.

2nd -You can always correct the mistakes you make. 

3rd -What is important is what is inside you. 

4th-In life you will undergo painful sharpenings which will make you a better pencil. 

5th -To be the best pencil, you must allow yourself to be held and guided by the Hand that holds you

The pencilmaker is GOD n WE are pencils..!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Good or Bad....who knows???

There was this folktale I had read a long time ago,in the comic magazine TINKLE.Now-a-days,it keeps on coming back to my mind...sharing it with you:-)

"A farmer had one old horse that he used for tilling his fields. One day the horse escaped into the hills and when all the farmer’s neighbors heard about it, they sympathized with the old man over his bad luck. “Bad luck? Good luck? Who knows?” said the farmer.

A week later, the horse returned with a herd of wild horses from the hills and this time the neighbors congratulated the farmer on his good luck. “Good luck? Bad luck? Who knows?” said the farmer.

Then, when the farmer’s son was attempting to tame one of the wild horses, he fell off its back and broke his leg. Everyone agreed that this was very bad luck. Not the farmer, who replied, “Bad Luck? Good luck? Who knows?”

Some weeks later, the army marched into the village and forced every able-bodied young man to go fight in a bloody war. When they saw that the farmer’s son had a broken leg, they let him stay. Everyone was very happy at the farmer’s good luck.

“Good luck? Bad luck? Who knows?”".....

Seriously,we never really know whether the present situation we are in(especially a bad one...we wouldn't think so much if it is good;)) is bane or a boon in disguise.

Unpleasant things happen in life and they happen to everyone. The only difference between a happy person and one who gets depressed is how they respond to disasters...Why am I sharing these things??I am making an attempt at being and making others happy...hopefully I will succeed:-)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Old World Charm.....

Technology has changed the face of the world in almost all the spheres.We are in a new kind of world right now,with things getting digitized and the internet becoming a very big part of our lives.But inspite of all the advances,there are some things which still bring joy and contentment when done the old times.

Like for example,reading the newspaper.We have the option now of reading an online edition(e-paper) and always be updated with the latest news through Google News or any such site,but that doesnt give the the joy of reading the actual newspaper...preferably with a cup of tea in hand:-)

Then there is also the act of sending out scanned copies of  invitations(it is mostly marriage invitation).Yes,it is very convenient and definitely saves a lot of money,but then we miss out on personally wishing or for that matter teasing the person who is inviting us.Anyways,people still give out printed cards to all those whom they really want to be present,then isn't mailing a clear act of formality.....done just because it has to be done!!

But I think,the most affected are the birthday wishes....your childhood friends or friends of many years...the ones who were always wanting to be the first one to call and wish you....are now wishing you on social networking sites.Though wishing there is better than not wishing at all,as everyone now-a-days is having time and location constraints,I personally relish every phone call wish I get.....because its more than just a mere wish,its also a lot of catching up done and most importantly,the realization that the opposite person has taken off time specially for a genuinely happy feeling:-)

I myself am also a part of the technologically inclined crowd,but its just that there are some things of the past which are so wonderful that you feel like going back in time and experiencing them once again...:-):-)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wisdom from books-2

"The Quest for Nothing" by Anurag Anand is a DINK (Double Income No Kids)  story very realistically told, reflective of the lives of most working youngsters today who have the world at their feet and don’t exactly know what to do with it!!

With the novel commencing with a poem acknowledging friends and family alike I wondered as I read along as to whether the forthcoming pages would be as enticing as this. Fortunately, I was not disappointed.

Each chapter begins as a periodic phase and you get a vague idea as to what the story is all about like in the first chapter which is a good introduction into the life of the main protagonist, Akash.

The story surges in and out of a conflicting, energy packed present to an equally jam packed past sometimes misleading the reader into thinking that All Iz Well before falling into a whirlpool of hurt and disappointing expectations. The DINK story is not just about Akash but about two individuals, Akash and his wife Deepali who are totally in sync with their work and with each other until time and situation make them pause and contemplate. Their lives are described awfully well by the author Anurag Anand so much so that we, the readers can identify with it completely at certain times.

The language used in the novel is quite simple and the way the story is woven,it almost gives a mystery-type feel....The conclusion of the novel clears away any cobwebs of doubt you may have encountered mid way during the story.

The Quest For Nothing conveys a perfect message through the saga of success, love and the race for more and more in life when we realize that life is indeed the present which needs to be enjoyed but not carelessly cast away in the ‘mad dash’ for success, money or frivolous fun!

As an after effect of reading the book,I am reminded of a ("WISDOM")quote which says,

""Never take the person who values you for granted because you might wake up one day and realize that you've lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones"'

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beyond and Happy!!!

Right from childhood,I have always been a balcony lover and could spend hours simply standing in the balcony enjoying the breeze,looking at the outside it vehicular traffic or people walking on the road or any other view.Hence,for the past few years since we moved to our new flat in Mumbai,the balcony(replaced by huge french windows) is something I had sorely missed.....till recently...

Currently,in Bangalore, the flat I stay in,is on the 4th floor,with its balcony facing the main road:):)...Here I must confess that when I went to see the place first time,I was delighted to find the balcony,facing the road with the view of a mall and also nicely lit showrooms...and I decided to move in:)

It was only later that I realised that immediately below my flat (before the main road) is an open space which some people use as walkway while others as a garbage dump....add to it the carelessly growing plants and stray animals using it for "their" purposes..... it definitely makes a bad sight.....and surely not the best view from my balcony:(

But very soon I found a way to still enjoy my view....whenever I am standing there looking out....I dont lower my eyes to see the open space below...but look straight ahead at the road...and the dump no longer matters:)

In short,I started "Looking Beyond" what could have troubled me and now its as if the trouble never existed....Wont it be wonderful if all our problems could be solved similarly....with us deciding to not get bothered by them...and look beyond them!!:)

Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections"

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Horn Ok Please!!!

"Horn Ok Please" is the message which (nearly)all of our Indian trucks have painted at their back and in fact,I dont think any of us have missed seeing it till now!!

But apart from that also,there are quite some weird,funny and sometimes quite meaningful messages written at the back of the trucks which I find very interesting!!!

Presenting some of the funny and some words of wisdom on our trucks,(which is a credit taken for originality!!!)

    ** Kanoon na kayada, chamchagiri se fayada ** How true!!
    ** Yaad karo us maiyya ko, jo paar laga de naiyya ko ** Baat main dum hai bhai!!
    ** Ek ho, magar sher ho** Hmmm…
    ** Bhai ho to Bharat jaisa, beta ho to Shravan jaisa** A wishful thinking?!!
    ** Paas aayega, to itihaas ban jaayega.** This one’s dangerous, mate!
    ** Raam Raam rut, saamne se to hut** The haughty one, I guess!
    ** Lagi jhapki, zindagi tapki** Must have had a close shave, what say?
    ** Sapne nahin, saamne dekh** Says the preacher!
    ** Jitna sukh chaho, utna kariye jaap, dukh bhi jitna sah sako, utna kariye paap** A profound thought indeed! I like it!
    ** Dekho aur tarso, phir milenge parson** Oh…what!?
    ** Gyan mat baantiye, yahaan sabhi gyaani hain**s Wah, kya baat hai! I second it...
    ** Gati par brake, varna haddi break** Says a traffic cop turned truck driver!
    ** Jab tak bheetar aag rahegi, jaari bhagambhag rahegi** Another preacher amongst us!!

And my all time favorite: 'Buri nazar wale tera munh kala....apna toh best friend hai uparwaala'!!:):)

PS: Which bumper sticker made u tickle??

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wisdom from Books-1

The opposite of love is not hate. Hate is just love gone bad. The actual opposite of love is apathy.

- The Secret of the Nagas, Amish Tripathi

When I came across the above quote while reading the book,I stopped,re-read the line,tried to understand it in the context of the story and was left highly impressed.But then I moved ahead and forgot about it.

But lately,following some incidents and situations,"apathy" and the above quote seems pretty justified.

In terms of emotions, hate is considered to be the best antonym of love. But apathy- lack of any emotions or concern whatsoever- feels more appropriate as an opposite to love- a lot of emotional attachment and concern. Hate continues to have the emotional attachment component, though in a negative way.

I know,its not easy to acquire an indifferent attitude,but its surely worth a try...specially if too much love or too much hate is causing headache:-)

On a lighter note, I-don’t-care mode saves a lot of energy compared to i-hate-blah-thing-and-will-keep-fretting-about-it mode.
The latter might be a good technique for losing weight though;);)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why This Kolaveri?????

Alright,this isn't a post about the "oh-so-popular" soup song that one can hear everywhere these days.But I need to mention that the song provided me a way to express what I feel on meeting some intriguing people.

Most of us would be knowing by now that "Why This Kolaveri" means "Why this (murderous)rage against me"..and that is in fact, exactly what I have always wanted to know as far as certain people are concerned.....

Now,even as I am saying it myself,I can say for sure,that no one can actually start disliking me or get mad at me right from meeting me the first I mostly meet people with a smile,and a smile never goes wrong:-)

That is why,it still beats me why this person,whom I would refer henceforth as 'X' had this cold behavior towards me right from Day 1.To give a brief background,X is actually a good friend's friend,flat-mate to be precise and so I used to meet X  now and then,whenever I used to drop in at the friend's house.As my friend had warned me about X's lifestyle habits and tendency to get a little worked up if things are not in place,I used to be at my best behaviour at their house just so that I dont provide any reason for a tiff between the flat sharers.I even talked about what X liked to hear,and did things at the cost of making a fool of myself sometimes,but somehow the ice never broke between us...Me and my friend have laughed about it and discussed umpteen times as to what could possibly be the reason for such attitude,because its not the same for anyone else other than me,but have come up with no answer....still,I continue with what I can do best...being correct from my side and SMILE:-)

Apart from X also,there are some other kinds of people who intrigue me a lot....Some cases in point:

->There are the ones who would hardly stay in touch when away,but when they meet you, they will shower so much love that you start feeling,how were they even alive without you..or vice versa;)

->There are some who would make big claims and even bigger plans to catch up with you,but end up not showing up only, by  giving some amusing reason EVERY SINGLE TIME,so much so that the next time they
plan something,you yourself are easily able  to predict their reason for another NO-SHOW

->These next ones will be present in every one's life...the ones who call or contact you ONLY when they are in need..never otherwise....I mean   don't they themselves feel awkward or embarrassed at their own behaviour???

->There are also some people who would agree to whatever you say in front of you,as if your thoughts are exactly matching,and  later on grumble about wanting things the other way around...Seriously,there is a way of
speaking your mind in a   non-argumentative way also,if only they could know!!!

I am sure there are many more funny,interesting and worth discussing species out there...any of you met someone like that???

Friday, January 6, 2012

Its the New Year...!!!

Yes yes,I know I am well a week late to wish...but better late than never..."HAPPY NEW YEAR" to all !!!:-):-)

With the new year,comes the talks of resolutions!!Of bringing changes and all....Few will follow and most of us will break it after few days or weeks or month.So why this resolution wesolution things.

Be happy the way you are.
I have no resolution for coming new year and I don't want one.