Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How Much is Too Much!??

Everytime I eat out,like in a restaurant,mostly always a question arises after the payment is done...."How much TIP is to be left??"

The answer to this varies according to the person I am with...some say it depends on the change that comes back,some decide according to the "poshness" of the place,some according to the service(they might not leave any tip at all,if not happy).Then there are others who calculate some percent of the bill amount and leave that as tip while some see whether the service tax has been deducted...if yes...then no question of leaving a tip....!!!

I fall into the category which does any of the above according to the mood....but would like to know how much is the TIP really supposed to be??

There is also another question...which many of us...if not all of us have countered at some point or other...which is whether to just forget about the pending change or make sure you get it back...especially in buses or food joints where there is self-service.So many times the person at the counter or the conductor says...take the change later..and then conveniently forgets or your stop comes before he gets how much is the amount which can be just left??

That also reminds me of a (quite funny and amusing)incident which happened a few days back...

I had gone to the McDonald's near my office for a snack with a colleague.While I took up the task of finding a place to sit,my colleague went to buy the burger.On coming back,my colleague asked me to remind that the person at counter had returned a rupee less and asked to come back for it after eating...I said nothing...not at all intending to remind that!!

But,needless to say,my colleague never forgot the rupee and went ahead and asked for change....the girl at the counter,on being asked for change...asked.."how much??"On being said,"one rupee",she looked around...asked other employees for a rupee...and there was a lot of activity behind the counter...with all of them searching for that rupee that had to be returned...after a minute or so....she came back with a coin and said"Sorry,we couldn't find one rupee...take this 2-rupee coin...and you can keep the change!!"

Well,I have avoided going to that place since then...but keep thinking,was my colleague right or wrong in wanting the amount back???

P.S:need to mention that the particular colleague is not at all in a financial crunch or anything like that!


  1. it all depends how much you value money.. in short how much you have money :P.. TIP is more of a show off thing then actually appreciating the service.. so next time if you pay a tip for the service do tell the waiter that you liked the service else you are just another person with deep pocket !!!

  2. 10% is the norm, if u HAVE to tip. :). there are days where someone has put some money and we removed it then and show it ti waiter, he gets the point, service bad. but always tell a good waiter / driver etc thank u.

  3. good that they gave a 2 rs coin and not a 1o rupee note :P

  4. that colleague was right, always take thats due. auto waale kabhi poochte hain, 5 rs chod do na, waise bhi kya ayega, i say, vada paav khaunga....

  5. @Dada--hmmm...thank you:-)


  6. Remember when we had gone to see the movie,and purchased popcorn,Rs.20 was balance.......and he conveniently forgot to return the change!!Just remember if we had even one rupee less,wud they let us travel in the bus,or sell us there MC aloo Tikki for rs.19??

  7. @akanksha - nice point. m proud of you!