Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Logic behind Faith?

Last week I had been to Aurangabad.Amongst the many places to visit there,one place I visited was the Grishneshwar Temple,which is one of the 12 Jyotirlings of Lord Shiva.

The temple, like all others has a legend attached to it as well.But what struck me as different was one of the customs or acts that had to be done at the temple.Before entering the temple,all the males should remove their upper body clothes.Now,its not that I am someone who has been to all the temples in India ,but I have been to quite a lot and nowhere have I seen such a custom been followed.Of course,there are places where we need to cover our head or not carry any leather articles,but what could be the logic behind this beats me.

Anyone know anything about it?Kindly enlighten me......


  1. You have to do a similar thing at Kanya Kumari temple. And what I hear thats the case with most of the temples in South especially in Kerala.

    Like you there are many people who are debating the logic behind this custom but I am yet to find a logical reason for the same.

    You can check this

  2. Thanx!:)quite interesting....considering that post was of 2008 and i write in 2011,still no answer!!

  3. I had also asked the same question to many people.
    And the answer I got was, the ritual of removing upper body clothes in front of GOD by male is considerd as showing humility in front of GOD. And females shows humility by wearing traditional clothes (Full legnth clothes)like Saree or salwar kameez.
    Removing clothes by male is considered as total devotion to god. In hinduism, clothes represent the body and earthly attachments and removing clothes in front of GOD is considered as unfettered divinity.

    Will explain you in detaaaail when we will meet... :) :)