Sunday, September 25, 2011

Madness,Masti and Me.....

I was brought up like a the sense that most of us are..with our parents always wanting to give us the best they can and fulfill all our demands(well,at least the ones they find logical:)).Sharing was limited to only with a family of four,and there was always an option of complaining about not getting what I wanted and ending up getting like i said,life was cool:-)

So when I had to leave the comfort of my house and move to Bangalore for work,the thought of living with complete strangers and sharing with them was quite nerve-wrecking.

Things started well,for having a room-mate whom I knew from 2-3 months was a better option than someone completely new.But then,people move out,because of marriage,new job and other such reasons and room mates change.

In the past three odd years,I have come across a huge variety of such people(read roomies) and let me tell you it has been quite an adventure while adjusting!!

From the quite one to the boisterous one,from the untidy one to the stickler for cleanliness,from the lazy one to the always let-me-help-you ones,from the careless ones to the particular ones,from the getting-up early ones to the one going for 3a.m dates(yes,you read it right...a.m),I have seen them all..and am still living with some of them:-)

Its quite funny that most of us away-from-home people have similar lifestyles,yet can be so different.But yet,there is a certain sense of camaraderie which stems up from missing home.We are each others parents,friends,siblings,in short, a family-away-from-family.

We get mad at each other,yet stay together...have birthday celebrations at midnight,"MAD" discussions starting from a topic and ending somewhere miles apart from it,sharing past experiences and creating "MASTI"-filled moments,laughing endlessly and
uncontrollably and facing it all together when neighbours complain about the loud noise ......yes,it all keeps happening like its a part of our lives!!

As for ME...yes,now its a crazy life,but all these experiences have assured me of one thing,I can live with (almost)any kind of people,and still have a good time.Something to feel good about,eh?:-)


  1. hmmmmmmm....... i'll keep all this in mind, just in case!

  2. ...come join the party, its indeed a mad mad world!!! :)

  3. Well I must agree that you have seen quiet a lot of this 'mad world' in a very short time...
    Very true and well written :)

  4. din't know that you can pen down....things....with such.. excellence!!!!!..

    One of ur rommiee.....