Sunday, August 21, 2011

Anna Hazare Ji:WHY we are with u?????

Last week,a columnist for Times of India,came out with with an article titled "Why Anna Hazare should not win this battle" and daggers were drawn against to how could he even think such a thing??

But what I dont understand is WHY CAN'T he think such a thing????

Frankly, personally I am not a supporter of the government nor am I convinced with Anna's approach. This government has taken enough money from me in taxes and more with rising prices, interest rates etc. No doubt it's great that at least some one like Anna is standing up and fighting corruption. His movement deserves all the motivation and encouragement....But why is this campaign turning into either-you-are-a-supporter-or-a-corrupt-person???

Lakhs of people,not only within India,but also outside are coming out in huge numbers to support the movement,but its a thing to wonder whether these people support the Lokpal Bill or just Anna Hazare?Do they understand where the Lokpal bill is stuck and why it has not been passed since 1969? Do they really know the consequences (good or bad) if the judiciary and the Prime Minister fall under the Lokpal?OR is it  just about being a part of a mass movement against the government??

Sure,we are all dealing with price rice, taxes, potholes, corruption, long queues and sometimes left with no option but to pay bribes at hospitals and police stations,but is it a fair threat when Anna says "It is either my way or I fast unto death!"Also think about why the government is not giving in after receiving so much flak, they could have a reason or two.......

Ours has always been a country where it doesnt take too much to gather a crowd.....and if the protest is against the Government,it becomes even more simple....but it will be worth it to ask a few such supporters a question or two on the Lokpal bill and their reason to support it...there will be quite interesting answers there!!!

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