Thursday, July 14, 2011

That Sinking Feeling......

Today is the day after the blasts....the blasts which happened in Mumbai and the blasts which made the news channels claim "Terror Returns to Mumbai"....but is it really 'terror' that thas returned to Mumbai??or for that matter to India...?

Since many years years now,there have been so many blasts and attacks in India,that it seems we are constantly living with terror in our hearts or our sub-conscious minds,so its not that it returns,its always there....the emotions that these occurences bring back are a feeling of gloom,weariness and even worse,a wave of bad memories...and what they also bring out are the different reactions from the human mind.

I might not be in the city of my birth at the present,but my whole family,friends and in short my whole world,resides in Mumbai...So when I hear of the blasts,what do I do?Try connecting with them,....if doesnt happen(due to the jammed lines),panic creeps in,,,,keep on trying...finally on being assured that all are safe,try to relax.But relaxation of the mind is something very far away.....the images on TV and many other sad thoughts clog the mind till finally a disturbed sleep arrives!!

And what happens in the morning...??A perfectly perfect day,which everyday seems to be pleasantly cloudy,feels depressingly gloomy today...and who exactly is responsible for all this??Cant say....

Yes,like most of the people around,I too want to know why Kasab is still alive??But him being dead wouldn't have averted these blasts??So,what could have stopped these attacks from happening again and again....

I just wish that instead of aping irrelevant things from the West,we learn how to give back to terror....9/11 was years ago,and no one has been able to strike America since then....agreed they have been ruthless in their security measures,but at least people their citizens are not dying due to blasts,...wonder when our administration will continue to remain awake always and not just get jolted up from a deep slumber every now and then because of a blast!!!


  1. was in market buying fruits when i heard about the blasts,my heart almost stopped beating,that terrible feeling what if somebody we know is hurt??and when u can't reach ur loved ones on cell,ur brain starts imagining the worst case scenario!!!!
    why are innocent people made to suffer,i just cudn't sleep that night thinking about the people who at the end of the day would not return home to der near and dear one's,what have they done to deserve such an end??
    such incidents fill us with anger,we raise our voices together condemning our government,it lasts for a few weeks,i shud say days,then itz forgotten,until next blast takes place.........high time a permanent solution is found to stop such COWARDLY attacks!!!!