Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Its Magic.....Its Magic...!!

The Harry Potter books were officially released in 1997,but I was introduced to them in as late as 2001.By that time,4 books were already released and the 5th was eagerly awaited.

The description given about those books by a friend of mine"its about a boy who is actually a magician and his adventures" didnt really make me too enthusiastic about reading them....but on being told that start reading and you will be glued after a few chapters,I started... and that is exactly what happened:-)

The books kind of transported me to a world which most of us dream that it should exist.I finished the 4 books at a stretch and by that time Harry and I were just about the same it became easier to relate to the characters.:-).but even as I grew older,the anticipation for the new books and the excitement around the storyline continued in the same way...I remember how we "Harry Potter fans" used to discuss and guess what will happen next and how the ending would be....The ending,the last book was every word worth its wait and did give a logical end to the series.But yes,J.K.Rowling did leave us wanting more....for the fun to continue!!

The movies of course,gave a face to our imaginations.I am not one of those who would crib that the movies couldnt do justice to the books.It isnt really possible to cover everything from a book to a its wise that the 7th book comes out in two movies.....

But the sad part is,the movies and books are done with...Its the end of the journey....but it was a journey worth was a part of my growing-up years....and it sure was MAGICAL in the truest sense...and I guess it will always remain so....

P.S:-I sincerely hoped and still hope the Invisibility Cloak (among many other things)existed...!!;);)


  1. He he ....

    It was indeed a remarkable part of our life for the last decade and so...have been more of a Harry potter movie lover than the book and don't know if I ever missed any of the reruns on HBO and CN.

    but have read Deathly Hallows 2 times non stop that too on laptop.Haven't seen the movie of the last part yet but expecting it to rekindle some lost memories and give everything a memorable end :)

  2. @DayDreamer --i saw it!!! really is good and worth a watch or 2 or 3...:-)

  3. when will they show it on HBO??? :P

  4. i am one of those people**films didn't do justice to the storyline of the book**,i agree it was not possible to cover everything,but eliminating essential parts wasn't right either**people who didn't read harry potter books,had no idea what was going on in d movies**,but the last movie made up for all that a harry potter fan desired!!!!
    I still remember i use to pre-order the HP books**to avoid the rush and line waiting at crosswords**,and keep sitting near my window waiting for DTDC guy to deliver my book,and as soon as i use to get the book,it was my priceless treasure :D
    P.S:i do believe that magic world exists,i want unicorn as a pet :p