Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Being on the Other Side....

Till about two or three months back,as I was looking for a job-change,I was attending interviews,mostly over the phone or telephonic as we call them.At that time,and in fact till that time,I always was the interviewee.I was the one getting jittery,fumbling at answers and trying to be convincing to the person at the other end.

But in my latest organization,I am also required to conduct the interviews,and now,being the interviewer has made me realise how it must feel to be on the other side....

For example,all the questions I had as an interviewee,like,"Why cant't they call on the time decided??""why do they seem unnecessarily irritated??","I had a good interview,why didnt they select me"etc. were adequately answered as soon as I myself became the interviewer. Yes,a meeting can get extended beyond the scheduled end time,so I get late to call...I,myself have a lot of work piling up,but still am made to take the,I might feel irritated...even a very good answer might not suit what is the current requirement,so,I cannot select that person.....:-)

Some things are just out of our control,but I try to do what many of my interviewers didn't do.....that is making the candidates comfortable,not  to be rude to them,being encouraging and patient....

In short,now that I have the experience of being on both sides,I do tend to give a benefit of doubt to either side,considering their awkward behaviour to be due to the circumstances and not as a personality trait....

I guess,this is what "putting yourself in the other person's shoes before making a judgement" means.....considering maximum aspects before jumping to any conclusion!!!


  1. its also called 'growing up' :)

  2. perception changed ;-)**so we r not going to curse those guys anymore who ruined our movie plan,huh!!:p

  3. Yes truly an experience of being in the other person's shoes :)

  4. @dada--maybe...



  5. So u have now checked the "Grass" on both sides!!! :).. Good Going lil Sis.... Keep it up...