Saturday, May 14, 2011

Opinion "matters"

Several experiences in the recent past have caused one lingering thought in my mind...Does your opinion count??It is startling to realize how much of your energies are expended on aspects of life on which we have no bearing.We direct so much of our intelligence to offer our opinions on aspects of life,knowing very well,what we think of it makes no difference to it.

Who should be a part of the playing eleven,who should bat when...there are endless opinions during a match...but do they count??

A feedback is a opinion offered to people under circumstances where you know you can influence a change...a captain can influence his team,his opinion matters.But,you are just a spectator.Your personal opinions are just that...your opinions,they just get lost into thin air...So does your opinion count????NO,it doesn't!!

Which actress should marry which celebrity,who should have long hair,which party should alliance with whom,why did brothers separate on money matters..the list is almost all these matters,your opinion does not count.

Sometimes people can argue that these thoughts and discussions are just for time-pass and mostly a kind of diversion from our own problems...its fine if it so,but more often than not,by forming such opinions you throw yourself into unwanted emotional turmoil.When what is happening is not in concurrence with what you feel it should be,the only thing that happens is that you are emotionally disturbed..Nothing Else Changes!!

There are areas where your opinion counts and areas where it changes nothing but leaving you disturbed..

You have the freedom to have an opinion.But the question is,does your opinion count?Mostly,it doesn't.

SO Bottom-line??

Don't waste your energy.Focus on what you can influence....Be happy!!:-)


  1. I agree with you regarding the unnecessary emotional turnmoil we cause ourselves by the fruitless discussions but somehow we all still live in the hope that like in Satyug when an honest opinion by a Dhobhi caused a King to relinquish his innocent wife, our opnions will effect others actions today too :)

    The example you cited like the cricketers and movie stars, these people are public figures and yes you may not see immediate impact of your opinions but honestly if those actions say for example there is general opinion going on that the batting order is continously wrong then for sure your opinions will have an effect . But having said that we never tried letting things change on their own so cannot say whether it would have anyway happened if not opinioned :)

    honestly we Bengalis are debating species and ever since we have started talking , all of us have been endlessly opinions about politics, cricket, state of the country etc etc but it took us more than 3 decades to topple a non-functional government. But still you ask any Kaku(bengali uncle) whether their endless debates or opinions were fruitful, they can give you more piece of their mind on that :)

  2. @day taking the hint,i wouldn't dare to ask that to any "kakus":-)