Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sibling Revelry!!

They are our tormentors, our protectors, our playmates, our enemies, our source of annoyance and happiness, resentment and love, jealousy and pride. Living with them is killing but then again, living without them is out of the question. Sounds paradoxical? But that's what a sibling is!

Just like friends,we all have siblings....and come to think of it,we can't really do without them...well,I can't:-)
We all have similar experiences with them,similar feelings...and so I am sure everyone is going to relate to this post!
I have an elder brother, and he fits into all the roles mentioned above.Of course,it helps that the age difference between us is not much.....but that doesn't stop him from acting like a parent either,sometimes..if need be..
I am sure he was the most happiest person on earth,with my parents,when I was born and had developed a protective feeling towards me without anyone asking him to do so...!!
Right from refusing to hold my school-bag for me("learn to do your own things") to walking that extra kilometre to accompany me home("you are a girl,can't leave you to come alone at night").....from sharing an indirect disapproval("that little thing can be worn OUT????") to giving a direct reaction("I am not going with you if you wear that!!")....from going to meaningless drives("just to enjoy the ride on the new bike,then car") to giving those stern looks("Don't you understand when I say I don't have time!!").....from shielding from parents("MOM,just leave her alone") to questioning sometimes("who called you at this time??")......to know exactly how to make me smile/angry to being happy on seeing me independent....from making fun of some of my choices to start genuinely liking what I suggested....from being highly critical("You wont ever learn driving like this...") to being highly supportive("I don't like round rotis anyways;)").....my Big B has done everything........And I think,he too has had a role in shaping out the person I have turned out to be:-):-)
But yes,like I keep on telling him,if he sometimes complains that I am spoilt(which,by the way,I am not)...he himself is to be blamed for that!!For he has been one gem of an accommodating person to grow up with.......and as much as I know that you may not quite appreciate the PDA...I have to say it................Love you loads DADA!!You are really rockingly awesome!!:-):-)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Opinion "matters"

Several experiences in the recent past have caused one lingering thought in my mind...Does your opinion count??It is startling to realize how much of your energies are expended on aspects of life on which we have no bearing.We direct so much of our intelligence to offer our opinions on aspects of life,knowing very well,what we think of it makes no difference to it.

Who should be a part of the playing eleven,who should bat when...there are endless opinions during a match...but do they count??

A feedback is a opinion offered to people under circumstances where you know you can influence a change...a captain can influence his team,his opinion matters.But,you are just a spectator.Your personal opinions are just that...your opinions,they just get lost into thin air...So does your opinion count????NO,it doesn't!!

Which actress should marry which celebrity,who should have long hair,which party should alliance with whom,why did brothers separate on money matters..the list is endless...in almost all these matters,your opinion does not count.

Sometimes people can argue that these thoughts and discussions are just for time-pass and mostly a kind of diversion from our own problems...its fine if it so,but more often than not,by forming such opinions you throw yourself into unwanted emotional turmoil.When what is happening is not in concurrence with what you feel it should be,the only thing that happens is that you are emotionally disturbed..Nothing Else Changes!!

There are areas where your opinion counts and areas where it changes nothing but leaving you disturbed..

You have the freedom to have an opinion.But the question is,does your opinion count?Mostly,it doesn't.

SO Bottom-line??

Don't waste your energy.Focus on what you can influence....Be happy!!:-)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The "new" wait........

Previous post was about 'Goodbyes'...this one is about new beginnings!!

So what is most prominent about beginnings??The "newness" about everything...like in my case,new job,new surroundings,new house,new people....

It is when you are in a new place,surrounded by new people,is when you realise how you can be lonely even when you are not actually alone.Not knowing anyone in particular,it becomes awkward when there is no company, for say,taking a coffee break at work and you end up having coffee alone....

Its actually funny that the very place which seems so strange initially becomes so familiar as time goes by....you get so used to all the things and people around that it becomes difficult to leave(whenever or if ever you do)

As of now,I am waiting for that familiarity....