Thursday, March 3, 2011

Confessions of a Cluttered Mind

This post might seem to be the most irrelevant post of mine till date, but then right now, my mind IS in a cluttered state.....lots and lots of thoughts are rattling inside, unconnected from one another but in some way or other connected to me. Probably that explains why I am (still) awake at the time of night when I should have been long asleep.

Anyways,sleep eluding me, I guess nothing better than pouring out these thoughts to something which is my own creation, my "Piece of Mind":-)


Dear Blog (and its readers), I hereby confess:

Ø  I fear I might never become an expert car-driver…car-driving lessons have gone haywire again:(:(
Ø  I do fight a lot these days in office…………with sleep!!(BTW,Orbit White Professional, with strong mint helps a lot against the enemy;);))
Ø  Is it that I am the only one who wanted to smack the dumb Gigi in the movie “He’s Just Not that into you”??????
Ø  I think I have fully understood “Inception” but am not sure whether what I have understood is actually correct.. :~)(rolling eyes)
Ø  While on movies, I didn’t  at all like PC in  7 Khoon Maaf……dunno why,maybe because I liked the others in it more
Ø  I do wonder that if I gamble will I win?????????.
Ø  I also wonder if it is possible “har fikr ko dhuen main udaana”…not tried, probably never will…..but still I wonder!!(and the “fikrs”or tensions still exist)
Ø  I used to very happily do so earlier, but now I don’t tell my parents(especially mom) when my friends get hitched(my age single people will hopefully know why??/:-))
Ø  I like it when the instructor at gym says “Very Good” or “Perfect” after an exercise…gives a little joy to know that I do at least something right!!

Oh,that reminds me, I should be sleeping now to get up and go to the gym…after all the anticipation of that little joy is what helps me get out of the bed at 5a.m everyday……Well, ALMOST everyday!!:-)


  1. LOL...

    Well I too din't like PC in that movie. And as far as Inception is concerned I don't know why people made such a fuss of whether someone undestood it or not, it somehow took the fun out of watching a movie....

  2. Hmmm welcome to the club....Shehensha E (Queens) Sleepless nights!!!!

  3. >babes,u know what,i didn't even like her HAIR this time,her old lady make up gave me nightmares for days :( **u do know what i m talking about**
    >u have acquired perfect car driving skills,itz just not applicable on indian roads :p

  4. @akash:-thanx....i do know its a crowded hot-spot!:-):-)

    @akshoo:-lol....come lets go for a drive!;)