Friday, February 18, 2011

Music and Lyrics.....

Nah....this post is not a review of the movie "Music and Lyrics"(though i got to say,I really liked it) nor is it a show-off for my new iPod(but yes,I have bought a new iPod:-);)),its just that I have recently realised what an important place music holds in my life...

I am not a professional singer or a musician of any kind,can say an aspiring musician(Ref::what the heart wants),but I think I can safely say that I love music.......what kind depends on my mood!:-)

There are certain Rock Songs I like a lot,some romantic,some trance,ghazals,dance numbers and I cant really pin-point to a paricular artist or band and say "thats my favourite"....makes me wonder,is it the "music" or "lyrics" that make me like or dislike a song?

Its true that lyrics are what actually give meaning to the tune that's being played,and mostly people connect to the lyrics with what they themselves are the lyrics of the Enrique song "and now that you are gone,I wanna be with you" would connect with a person who's away from a special person....."You say it all,when you say nothing at all" would be an awesome feel song for a person in love...and "Chak De India" is a classic morale-booster!!

But then there are songs with words like "telephone dhun main hasne waali" that I liked....beacuse of its beats..and there are lots of instrumental songs that I love....for example "Flute Fantasy" by DJ Nasha.

So I guess,it all comes down to what clicks for me when I am in a particular mind-frame,especially when I am not-so-happy and the power of music makes me feel better.....its also interesting sometimes to not know whats gonna play next and when a faourite song comes up and brings a smile to my face.....hence I endorse the shuffle mode of the know,it has the 'element of surprise':-):-)

P.S::The current favourite with the apt music and lyrics for me is "Iktara" from "Wake Up Sir"......-"O re manva tu toh baavra hai...tu hi jaane tu kya chaahta hai'.....really summarises my current life scenario.....totally confused about what is it that I want to happen....mid-life crisis is it???:-):-)


  1. are confused ho to ghazal sun ne ka!!!

  2. Agreed with the point that what we like depends on the mood.

    I love radio at times because of the unpredictability you mentioned... IPOD even with their 16GB - 32 GB storage still make me guess what to expect next.. But some RJs do ruin it at times by telling what 4 songs they are going to play next .


  3. @dada:i do listen to ghazals also...but some add to my confusion;)

    @day dreamer:guess radios are best to be heard at night...with no RJ's and non-stop music!:-)

  4. I dont knw if you have ever realized but in my case i remember the phase of life in which i have heard the song.. for example slumdog millionare ka mausam and rain reminds me of outer ring road of bangalore coz thats where i use to listen it the most in my after dinner bike rides ..

  5. @MKT--yeah it happens "tumse hi" from 'jab we met' reminds me of the training days in pune...:-)