Thursday, January 20, 2011

Me and My Kids!!

I am a single parent. I have a son and a daughter. Like most kids, they can be often found squabbling with each other about inanely petty issues – the excess oil in the food for instance, is one of their favourite topics to pick on. Then they have larger debates like whose family function to attend or not. At times, they have life-altering, earth-shattering arguments over a missing bill that either of them misplaced, but neither is sure and until they find it lying in the most conspicuous place possible, all sorts of papers are flung across the room, until our house resembles a battlefield with arrows being shot from both ends! 

My children, like most others their age, tend to sulk when they don’t get what they wanted. This is a strategic tactic, whereby they sit for hours without speaking a word to anyone and try making a strong point by deliberately missing their favourite TV show and retiring to bed as soon as possible. This could go on
for a couple of days,in order to get their way. Once their whims have been satisfied or they realize that all their sulking has been disregarded, they are on their best behaviour again.

My kids also tend to have extreme mood swings. One minute they’re scowling and grumbling, the next they’re laughing and chatting animatedly. Their favourite game is pretending to be grown up. In this game, they act all adult-like and scold me for my wrongdoings. They even enjoy lecturing me about my irresponsible and carefree ways. Playing along is the best way to humor them,as experience has taught me:-)

As a single parent, I also have to multi-task when it comes to the kids. Most often, I’m telling them off for behaving impatiently. I also have to act as a mediator on several occasions, but sometimes it’s best to leave them alone to sort out their issues. They also look to me for advice and sympathy when they’re particularly anxious or low. These are the times when they’re most vulnerable and I, in all my wisdom and experience, have learned to counsel and comfort them.

As I have observed in other children, my kids tend to display exemplary streaks of maturity. They take on additional responsibilities and worries with a self-belief that I seem to lack. They hold their heads high, refusing to bow down to the weight of the world on their tender shoulders. Their small gestures
of kindness to each other make up for all their silly scraps. But most of all, what touches me, is their overwhelming and unconditional love for me.

With all their little flaws and faults, my children are adorable. My daughter is 53 years old and my son is 59.

I call them mom and dad.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome 2011:-)

Like my previous post mentioned,I was off to Kerala to bring in the New Year.The plan was made,tickets booked,leaves taken,packing done.....I was all set!!

As I was to join friends in Bangalore before embarking to Kerala,I had booked an early morning flight to Bangalore.6.20A.M was the take-off and I left home accordingly early at around 4.30 A.M....but 5mins on the road and I was greeted by a huge traffic jam on the bridge full of trailers and trucks...couldn't move ahead,couldnt turn back and the vehicles were crawling....5.15 and still on the bridge!!!Tension creeping,thoughts of making alternate flight bookings had started when another car showed us the way....taking the first available opening,we took the wrong way and once reached the highway,the drive was in top gear.....The adventure had begun!!:-)

I did manage to catch the flight and had a sleepy flight to Bangalore....caught up with friends and next was a 8P.M bus to Trivandrum....we reached the stop well before time,bus was not there,so waited.But when even after waiting for around an hour the bus was nowhere to be seen,we enquired again and were told that the bus had already arrived and was parked elsewhere!!We ran to that place to face the glares and annoying looks of the conductor and co-passengers as they were waiting only for us...not my day I there was no point explaining to them that there was no announcement,we weren't at fault...we got in and the bus started towards our destination.

We reached Trivandrum early morning and the first reaction on getting down was "its hot"...yes,even in December,all the jackets and sweaters were kept inside.But otherwise,I liked the was very much like Bangalore...yes,language was a concern,but communication was possible with actions :)

New Years eve was spent by cutting a cake in the company of Devi(Our friend/host/guide)in Kerala and her roomies and the next day,we set off to Allepy for a full view of God's Own Country.....!!

We stayed at Devi's house and her family were the most gracious was like staying at home away from home...!!

The beauty of Kerala is surely its greenery and backwaters.....but the speciality food items also deserve a mention.I thoroughly enjoyed the vegeterian stuff...and the fish looked very delicious too...

It was only the number of lizards and insects I had to see everyday in every place that made me a little fidgety,but being a region full of trees and plantations,I guess that too is a part of Kerala's treasures:-)

The return journey was not as eventful as the onward journey...I guess the year had changed and so had my fortunes;)

Anyways,so as expected,I did have a good start to the year 2011 and want it to remain that the meantime some snaps for you from the land of coconut trees..!!