Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Trouble With Love......

Love can be a many splendored thing
Can't deny the joy it brings
A dozen roses, diamond rings
Dreams for sale and fairy tales
It'll make you hear a symphony
And you just want the world to see
But like a drug that makes you blind,
It'll fool ya every time

The trouble with love is
It can tear you up inside
Make your heart believe a lie
It's stronger than your pride
The trouble with love is
It doesn't care how fast you fall
And you can't refuse the call
See, you got no say at all

Now I was once a fool, it's true
I played the game by all the rules
But now my world's a deeper blue
I'm sadder, but I'm wiser too
I swore I'd never love again
I swore my heart would never mend
Said love wasn't worth the pain
But then I hear it call my name

This song is by KELLY CLARKSON......came across it as the ending titles were rolling for "Love Actually" ....good lyrics!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

This too......

“This too shall pass,” is something mostly the elderly in the house say. It’s a reminder that when times are tough (or conversely, insanely good)  they are just temporary....but how true it is!!And how simple life will be if we manage to remind ourselves of it at the right time....

This well known phrase which reminds us that all things that happen, whether good or bad, are temporary, originated in the writings of the medieval Persian Sufi poets. Often it is attached to a story of a great king who is humbled by these simple words because he realizes that his greatness and wealth will one day be no more.

No matter what we are going through in life, one thing that we can truly count on is that things will change. Nothing stays the same. If you are going through a rough patch now, hang in there. It will change. If you are experiencing the best time of your life where everything is going well, be thankful and humble while it lasts and make the most of it. Adversity is not gone forever. It may be just around the corner.(But of course,dont exactly look forward to it:-)) 

Like a pendulum clock, life tends to swing in two directions. We grow, not when the pendulum of life swings toward the good experiences, but we become more mature when it moves in the direction of adversity.  They say that which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. If we are going through problems, we should look for what we can learn from it and never forget that this too shall pass. Just knowing this will help us to get through it and not only survive but ultimately thrive. And when it passes, we can know that because of it we have become a better person.......

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How Much is Too Much!??

Everytime I eat out,like in a restaurant,mostly always a question arises after the payment is done...."How much TIP is to be left??"

The answer to this varies according to the person I am with...some say it depends on the change that comes back,some decide according to the "poshness" of the place,some according to the service(they might not leave any tip at all,if not happy).Then there are others who calculate some percent of the bill amount and leave that as tip while some see whether the service tax has been deducted...if yes...then no question of leaving a tip....!!!

I fall into the category which does any of the above according to the mood....but would like to know how much is the TIP really supposed to be??

There is also another question...which many of us...if not all of us have countered at some point or other...which is whether to just forget about the pending change or make sure you get it back...especially in buses or food joints where there is self-service.So many times the person at the counter or the conductor says...take the change later..and then conveniently forgets or your stop comes before he gets how much is the amount which can be just left??

That also reminds me of a (quite funny and amusing)incident which happened a few days back...

I had gone to the McDonald's near my office for a snack with a colleague.While I took up the task of finding a place to sit,my colleague went to buy the burger.On coming back,my colleague asked me to remind that the person at counter had returned a rupee less and asked to come back for it after eating...I said nothing...not at all intending to remind that!!

But,needless to say,my colleague never forgot the rupee and went ahead and asked for change....the girl at the counter,on being asked for change...asked.."how much??"On being said,"one rupee",she looked around...asked other employees for a rupee...and there was a lot of activity behind the counter...with all of them searching for that rupee that had to be returned...after a minute or so....she came back with a coin and said"Sorry,we couldn't find one rupee...take this 2-rupee coin...and you can keep the change!!"

Well,I have avoided going to that place since then...but keep thinking,was my colleague right or wrong in wanting the amount back???

P.S:need to mention that the particular colleague is not at all in a financial crunch or anything like that!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The "Biz" World....

Disclaimer-Though I mention him/he/man etc…I don`t mean to be unfair. I am referring to both man and woman here...just that it is a big pain to mention he/she, him/her,man/,bear with me:-):-)

I think man is a born businessman. As soon as he is born he starts crying for attention and when the doctor gives him a blanket for free…he stops crying.

As the kid grows old…his business instincts only improve. When the kid is only three years old he learns that the bigger the toy the more its cost. At four, he learns that the most economical buy with a one rupee coin is “Boomer.” It gives you pleasure for three hours (if you don`t take into account the wrapping it in paper and chewing it again, act) as against an Eclairs which melts in your mouth before you have said, “Mama, I bought an Eclairs.”

When in first standard he learns to bargain with the teacher: “Madam, will you make me the class-monitor if I stay quite?” The less ambitious settle for benefits like rubbing the boards clean, carrying the note books to the staff room…and not being questioned in class.

I think it begins by class six….bargaining with the classmates... “Ok, I will let you take my geometry box…what do I get in return?”
“You know in our school we can borrow only one book every fortnight. I can borrow my quota of Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew and give it to you. What say?”

When in ninth standard, he starts bargaining with the bus wala. “Uncle, I did not bring any money today. Can I buy the tickets tomorrow?”
The unsuspecting conductor is more than welcome to help a student willing to study and for the whole of next week this kid avoids that particluar number bus.

By the time he reached the 12th grade…he has become an expert in Economics. The stupid-rich guy takes the intelligent-poor guy all over the city in his Mercedes. In turn, the intelligent-poor guy helps him out inside the examination hall.

The street-smart kids take these lessons in Economics to college. The not so smart – well....actually study to land a high paying job!;)

At the point of life I am in,I can analyse only upto this stage!!But I guess the later stages can be predicted(though they may not be bang on target!)......

After college, it is work…and after work …parents ensure that it is marriage. In marriage…most of us make a lot of money because economic sense prevails.

After marriage, life takes a twisted turn towards Economics. Every move of his has to be watched…if not by him…his wife. Or vice-versa.....but the business,just goes on!!

P.S:The inspiration for this blog comes from my neighbour's (I guess)3-year-old kid.I am sure you have realised what he was doing!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Logic behind Faith?

Last week I had been to Aurangabad.Amongst the many places to visit there,one place I visited was the Grishneshwar Temple,which is one of the 12 Jyotirlings of Lord Shiva.

The temple, like all others has a legend attached to it as well.But what struck me as different was one of the customs or acts that had to be done at the temple.Before entering the temple,all the males should remove their upper body clothes.Now,its not that I am someone who has been to all the temples in India ,but I have been to quite a lot and nowhere have I seen such a custom been followed.Of course,there are places where we need to cover our head or not carry any leather articles,but what could be the logic behind this beats me.

Anyone know anything about it?Kindly enlighten me......

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Madness,Masti and Me.....

I was brought up like a the sense that most of us are..with our parents always wanting to give us the best they can and fulfill all our demands(well,at least the ones they find logical:)).Sharing was limited to only with a family of four,and there was always an option of complaining about not getting what I wanted and ending up getting like i said,life was cool:-)

So when I had to leave the comfort of my house and move to Bangalore for work,the thought of living with complete strangers and sharing with them was quite nerve-wrecking.

Things started well,for having a room-mate whom I knew from 2-3 months was a better option than someone completely new.But then,people move out,because of marriage,new job and other such reasons and room mates change.

In the past three odd years,I have come across a huge variety of such people(read roomies) and let me tell you it has been quite an adventure while adjusting!!

From the quite one to the boisterous one,from the untidy one to the stickler for cleanliness,from the lazy one to the always let-me-help-you ones,from the careless ones to the particular ones,from the getting-up early ones to the one going for 3a.m dates(yes,you read it right...a.m),I have seen them all..and am still living with some of them:-)

Its quite funny that most of us away-from-home people have similar lifestyles,yet can be so different.But yet,there is a certain sense of camaraderie which stems up from missing home.We are each others parents,friends,siblings,in short, a family-away-from-family.

We get mad at each other,yet stay together...have birthday celebrations at midnight,"MAD" discussions starting from a topic and ending somewhere miles apart from it,sharing past experiences and creating "MASTI"-filled moments,laughing endlessly and
uncontrollably and facing it all together when neighbours complain about the loud noise ......yes,it all keeps happening like its a part of our lives!!

As for ME...yes,now its a crazy life,but all these experiences have assured me of one thing,I can live with (almost)any kind of people,and still have a good time.Something to feel good about,eh?:-)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

365 and counting......

Exactly an year ago,"Piece of Mind" came into existence.....yeah,my blog turns 1 today!!!:):):)

Though,its not that I have written a piece on each of the past 365 days,but the going's been good...

Heres wishing my Blog a very happy birthday and many more to come....!!:-)

And to all of you,readers.....keep reading!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Shiva Trilogy

The "Shiva Trilogy" is a series of 3-books by author Amish Tripathi.These books are based on the idea "what if Lord Shiva was not a God but a man like us who became a God".....and the way the idea has been presented makes you almost want that to be the case.

In the first book,"The Immortals of Meluha",the character of Shiva has been presented as a Tibetan tribal chief who travels across the mountains and ends up finding himself being considered as the much-awaited 'Destroyer of Evil'.How he finds love,friendship and faces different challengeson his journey makes up for a gripping read.The author has done a real commendable job in creating the characters which are fictional but still in some way relate to the mythological stories we have all been hearing all our lives.

My favourite of course,is the central character of Shiva,who is courageous,just and also tormented by a past incident.But there is a charming attraction to this "Chillum-smoking","What the hell" saying and the drooling in love Shiva:-)

The second book "The Secret of Nagas" starts off where the first one ended and also answers a lot of questions raised in the first book.It also raises a few questions which will be hopefully answered in the third book of the series "The Oath of the Vayuputra".Even in the second book,author Amish has managed to keep the readers engrossed and make it a 'hard-to-put-down' book.The language used for the narrative is also quite clear and its not too difficult to imagine what he is trying to convey.

For an avid book reader like me,it was a delight to read an Indian author coming up with such good writing and I would recommend it to everyone looking for a good read....while I eagerly await the third book of the series.

P.S:Below are the glimpses of the cover pages of the two books,which are equally impressive.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Anna Hazare Ji:WHY we are with u?????

Last week,a columnist for Times of India,came out with with an article titled "Why Anna Hazare should not win this battle" and daggers were drawn against to how could he even think such a thing??

But what I dont understand is WHY CAN'T he think such a thing????

Frankly, personally I am not a supporter of the government nor am I convinced with Anna's approach. This government has taken enough money from me in taxes and more with rising prices, interest rates etc. No doubt it's great that at least some one like Anna is standing up and fighting corruption. His movement deserves all the motivation and encouragement....But why is this campaign turning into either-you-are-a-supporter-or-a-corrupt-person???

Lakhs of people,not only within India,but also outside are coming out in huge numbers to support the movement,but its a thing to wonder whether these people support the Lokpal Bill or just Anna Hazare?Do they understand where the Lokpal bill is stuck and why it has not been passed since 1969? Do they really know the consequences (good or bad) if the judiciary and the Prime Minister fall under the Lokpal?OR is it  just about being a part of a mass movement against the government??

Sure,we are all dealing with price rice, taxes, potholes, corruption, long queues and sometimes left with no option but to pay bribes at hospitals and police stations,but is it a fair threat when Anna says "It is either my way or I fast unto death!"Also think about why the government is not giving in after receiving so much flak, they could have a reason or two.......

Ours has always been a country where it doesnt take too much to gather a crowd.....and if the protest is against the Government,it becomes even more simple....but it will be worth it to ask a few such supporters a question or two on the Lokpal bill and their reason to support it...there will be quite interesting answers there!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Too Difficult.....???

How difficult is it to simply "Let Go"....  

Throughout,there are so many things that we have to learn to let go. We have to let go of situations, things, memories, people and even ourselves.

It's easy to form an attachment to people and things. When you've formed an attachment to people and things, it can be a very painful experience and feeling when you realized that it's time to let go. Even the mere thought of not having that person or thing in your life just squeezes your heart in pain.

But,sometimes,it does become necessary.....

From quite a long time now,I have been trying to do the same.....but have been unsuccessful as of yet...Its not that I am not trying enough ....but it is a daunting task.....and the thoughts I want to run away from just keep on coming back....or maybe I get drawn towards them..!!

Dunno why I have to share this on the blog...but I just wanted to share my thoughts after reading the below lines somewhere...

"Letting go of your old self and the process of letting the new you emerge can be one of the scariest experiences in your life. But by leaving behind your old self and taking a leap of faith into the unknown, it might just reveal what you are truly capable of becoming"

Maybe,it will hold true that.....When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Its Magic.....Its Magic...!!

The Harry Potter books were officially released in 1997,but I was introduced to them in as late as 2001.By that time,4 books were already released and the 5th was eagerly awaited.

The description given about those books by a friend of mine"its about a boy who is actually a magician and his adventures" didnt really make me too enthusiastic about reading them....but on being told that start reading and you will be glued after a few chapters,I started... and that is exactly what happened:-)

The books kind of transported me to a world which most of us dream that it should exist.I finished the 4 books at a stretch and by that time Harry and I were just about the same it became easier to relate to the characters.:-).but even as I grew older,the anticipation for the new books and the excitement around the storyline continued in the same way...I remember how we "Harry Potter fans" used to discuss and guess what will happen next and how the ending would be....The ending,the last book was every word worth its wait and did give a logical end to the series.But yes,J.K.Rowling did leave us wanting more....for the fun to continue!!

The movies of course,gave a face to our imaginations.I am not one of those who would crib that the movies couldnt do justice to the books.It isnt really possible to cover everything from a book to a its wise that the 7th book comes out in two movies.....

But the sad part is,the movies and books are done with...Its the end of the journey....but it was a journey worth was a part of my growing-up years....and it sure was MAGICAL in the truest sense...and I guess it will always remain so....

P.S:-I sincerely hoped and still hope the Invisibility Cloak (among many other things)existed...!!;);)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

That Sinking Feeling......

Today is the day after the blasts....the blasts which happened in Mumbai and the blasts which made the news channels claim "Terror Returns to Mumbai"....but is it really 'terror' that thas returned to Mumbai??or for that matter to India...?

Since many years years now,there have been so many blasts and attacks in India,that it seems we are constantly living with terror in our hearts or our sub-conscious minds,so its not that it returns,its always there....the emotions that these occurences bring back are a feeling of gloom,weariness and even worse,a wave of bad memories...and what they also bring out are the different reactions from the human mind.

I might not be in the city of my birth at the present,but my whole family,friends and in short my whole world,resides in Mumbai...So when I hear of the blasts,what do I do?Try connecting with them,....if doesnt happen(due to the jammed lines),panic creeps in,,,,keep on trying...finally on being assured that all are safe,try to relax.But relaxation of the mind is something very far away.....the images on TV and many other sad thoughts clog the mind till finally a disturbed sleep arrives!!

And what happens in the morning...??A perfectly perfect day,which everyday seems to be pleasantly cloudy,feels depressingly gloomy today...and who exactly is responsible for all this??Cant say....

Yes,like most of the people around,I too want to know why Kasab is still alive??But him being dead wouldn't have averted these blasts??So,what could have stopped these attacks from happening again and again....

I just wish that instead of aping irrelevant things from the West,we learn how to give back to terror....9/11 was years ago,and no one has been able to strike America since then....agreed they have been ruthless in their security measures,but at least people their citizens are not dying due to blasts,...wonder when our administration will continue to remain awake always and not just get jolted up from a deep slumber every now and then because of a blast!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Being on the Other Side....

Till about two or three months back,as I was looking for a job-change,I was attending interviews,mostly over the phone or telephonic as we call them.At that time,and in fact till that time,I always was the interviewee.I was the one getting jittery,fumbling at answers and trying to be convincing to the person at the other end.

But in my latest organization,I am also required to conduct the interviews,and now,being the interviewer has made me realise how it must feel to be on the other side....

For example,all the questions I had as an interviewee,like,"Why cant't they call on the time decided??""why do they seem unnecessarily irritated??","I had a good interview,why didnt they select me"etc. were adequately answered as soon as I myself became the interviewer. Yes,a meeting can get extended beyond the scheduled end time,so I get late to call...I,myself have a lot of work piling up,but still am made to take the,I might feel irritated...even a very good answer might not suit what is the current requirement,so,I cannot select that person.....:-)

Some things are just out of our control,but I try to do what many of my interviewers didn't do.....that is making the candidates comfortable,not  to be rude to them,being encouraging and patient....

In short,now that I have the experience of being on both sides,I do tend to give a benefit of doubt to either side,considering their awkward behaviour to be due to the circumstances and not as a personality trait....

I guess,this is what "putting yourself in the other person's shoes before making a judgement" means.....considering maximum aspects before jumping to any conclusion!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Word Watching....!!

How many times in our lives has it happened that we have spoken something ,and immediately regretted it??It keeps on
happening all the time....and it is the look on the faces of others that makes it even more embarrassing.
In the last few days,I have been in such a "foot in the mouth"situation more than once...which has left me wondering
why I couldn't stop myself from speaking up.All I should have done was to keep quiet...but no,I had to open my mouth....
Reminds me of a chart/poster I had seen a few years back...which looked something like this....and read..

"Even the fish would be saved,if it keeps its MOUTH SHUT";)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sibling Revelry!!

They are our tormentors, our protectors, our playmates, our enemies, our source of annoyance and happiness, resentment and love, jealousy and pride. Living with them is killing but then again, living without them is out of the question. Sounds paradoxical? But that's what a sibling is!

Just like friends,we all have siblings....and come to think of it,we can't really do without them...well,I can't:-)
We all have similar experiences with them,similar feelings...and so I am sure everyone is going to relate to this post!
I have an elder brother, and he fits into all the roles mentioned above.Of course,it helps that the age difference between us is not much.....but that doesn't stop him from acting like a parent either,sometimes..if need be..
I am sure he was the most happiest person on earth,with my parents,when I was born and had developed a protective feeling towards me without anyone asking him to do so...!!
Right from refusing to hold my school-bag for me("learn to do your own things") to walking that extra kilometre to accompany me home("you are a girl,can't leave you to come alone at night").....from sharing an indirect disapproval("that little thing can be worn OUT????") to giving a direct reaction("I am not going with you if you wear that!!")....from going to meaningless drives("just to enjoy the ride on the new bike,then car") to giving those stern looks("Don't you understand when I say I don't have time!!").....from shielding from parents("MOM,just leave her alone") to questioning sometimes("who called you at this time??") know exactly how to make me smile/angry to being happy on seeing me independent....from making fun of some of my choices to start genuinely liking what I suggested....from being highly critical("You wont ever learn driving like this...") to being highly supportive("I don't like round rotis anyways;)") Big B has done everything........And I think,he too has had a role in shaping out the person I have turned out to be:-):-)
But yes,like I keep on telling him,if he sometimes complains that I am spoilt(which,by the way,I am not)...he himself is to be blamed for that!!For he has been one gem of an accommodating person to grow up with.......and as much as I know that you may not quite appreciate the PDA...I have to say it................Love you loads DADA!!You are really rockingly awesome!!:-):-)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Opinion "matters"

Several experiences in the recent past have caused one lingering thought in my mind...Does your opinion count??It is startling to realize how much of your energies are expended on aspects of life on which we have no bearing.We direct so much of our intelligence to offer our opinions on aspects of life,knowing very well,what we think of it makes no difference to it.

Who should be a part of the playing eleven,who should bat when...there are endless opinions during a match...but do they count??

A feedback is a opinion offered to people under circumstances where you know you can influence a change...a captain can influence his team,his opinion matters.But,you are just a spectator.Your personal opinions are just that...your opinions,they just get lost into thin air...So does your opinion count????NO,it doesn't!!

Which actress should marry which celebrity,who should have long hair,which party should alliance with whom,why did brothers separate on money matters..the list is almost all these matters,your opinion does not count.

Sometimes people can argue that these thoughts and discussions are just for time-pass and mostly a kind of diversion from our own problems...its fine if it so,but more often than not,by forming such opinions you throw yourself into unwanted emotional turmoil.When what is happening is not in concurrence with what you feel it should be,the only thing that happens is that you are emotionally disturbed..Nothing Else Changes!!

There are areas where your opinion counts and areas where it changes nothing but leaving you disturbed..

You have the freedom to have an opinion.But the question is,does your opinion count?Mostly,it doesn't.

SO Bottom-line??

Don't waste your energy.Focus on what you can influence....Be happy!!:-)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The "new" wait........

Previous post was about 'Goodbyes'...this one is about new beginnings!!

So what is most prominent about beginnings??The "newness" about in my case,new job,new surroundings,new house,new people....

It is when you are in a new place,surrounded by new people,is when you realise how you can be lonely even when you are not actually alone.Not knowing anyone in particular,it becomes awkward when there is no company, for say,taking a coffee break at work and you end up having coffee alone....

Its actually funny that the very place which seems so strange initially becomes so familiar as time goes get so used to all the things and people around that it becomes difficult to leave(whenever or if ever you do)

As of now,I am waiting for that familiarity....

Friday, April 15, 2011

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna......

Today was my last working day in my present organization...last day,a day of goodbyes!!I hate goodbyes, but then who doesn’t??Goodbyes are always difficult,whether its you who is leaving or someone else...and the thing that I often dread during such times is the 'Farewell Speech'...thanking one and all,whether or not u want to do so is a totally different thing....then listening to what people have to say about you(well at least the good thing is that on the face,everyone's gonna say good things)....So I can say I have been fairly lucky in that respect as both my "last days"have been pretty sudden,so I am spared the build-up and the speeches....but yes,there is always a heavy heart at the end of it all.....

The thing that I always remind myself of -when it comes to goodbyes- is that the time that I’ve had at one place must have been good, otherwise I wouldn’t mind leaving.My previous journeys has taught me that I’ll never see most of the people whom I’ve met again and that is okay, because the memories that we’ve made will last and remain in my heart for a lifetime....but still theres a hope in some corner of the heart that we might bump into someone whom we had once said "goodbye"......wo kehte hain na...."Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna....Hum Hain Raahi Pyaar Ke....Fir Milenge Chalte Chalte":-);)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Maktub - Arabic popular saying that means "It was written!", meaning it was always meant to happen/to be.

I had come across this term in Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist" when Santiago(the main protaganist)realizes that his dreams will be fulfilled because it was so written.Though I have always been a firm believer in destiny,"MAKTUB" now seems to be the only reason for the  things that happen around us or with us.

So many times it happens that we give our hundred percent or do all the correct things to achieve something and still fall short of achieving these times when we are heart-broken,what is the only possible reason that comes to our mind...yes,that it was meant to be so.....but should that stop us from trying again???I really don't think so....

Take the case of the recent Cricket World CUp winning Indian Team....every four years the same team(with a few common players and few new ones) tries to win the trophy....2007 was a disastrous WC,in 2003 we were finalists but didn't win....but that didn't dissuade the team from trying again this year...Sachin Tendulkar has been a part of 6 World Cups since 1992,but won only in 2011.....because now was the time for it to happen.

In Hindi,there is a saying "Waqt se pahle aur kismat se jyada na kisi ko mila hai na milega"...that is just to say that whatever and whenever we get is how it was always meant to be....we don't get more or less than what we deserve nor is it sooner or later than it should is just perfect,because it has been so designed by the Hand which knows what is best for us...It is just the understanding and acceptance of this fact that will make life easier and a lot happier....AND It is just the understanding and acceptance of this fact that is so much easier said than done.....!!

However,I guess what still remains in our hands is to continue trying,and whatever be the results,we could put the blame or give the credit to the magical term "Maktub"......!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Confessions of a Cluttered Mind

This post might seem to be the most irrelevant post of mine till date, but then right now, my mind IS in a cluttered state.....lots and lots of thoughts are rattling inside, unconnected from one another but in some way or other connected to me. Probably that explains why I am (still) awake at the time of night when I should have been long asleep.

Anyways,sleep eluding me, I guess nothing better than pouring out these thoughts to something which is my own creation, my "Piece of Mind":-)


Dear Blog (and its readers), I hereby confess:

Ø  I fear I might never become an expert car-driver…car-driving lessons have gone haywire again:(:(
Ø  I do fight a lot these days in office…………with sleep!!(BTW,Orbit White Professional, with strong mint helps a lot against the enemy;);))
Ø  Is it that I am the only one who wanted to smack the dumb Gigi in the movie “He’s Just Not that into you”??????
Ø  I think I have fully understood “Inception” but am not sure whether what I have understood is actually correct.. :~)(rolling eyes)
Ø  While on movies, I didn’t  at all like PC in  7 Khoon Maaf……dunno why,maybe because I liked the others in it more
Ø  I do wonder that if I gamble will I win?????????.
Ø  I also wonder if it is possible “har fikr ko dhuen main udaana”…not tried, probably never will…..but still I wonder!!(and the “fikrs”or tensions still exist)
Ø  I used to very happily do so earlier, but now I don’t tell my parents(especially mom) when my friends get hitched(my age single people will hopefully know why??/:-))
Ø  I like it when the instructor at gym says “Very Good” or “Perfect” after an exercise…gives a little joy to know that I do at least something right!!

Oh,that reminds me, I should be sleeping now to get up and go to the gym…after all the anticipation of that little joy is what helps me get out of the bed at 5a.m everyday……Well, ALMOST everyday!!:-)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Music and Lyrics.....

Nah....this post is not a review of the movie "Music and Lyrics"(though i got to say,I really liked it) nor is it a show-off for my new iPod(but yes,I have bought a new iPod:-);)),its just that I have recently realised what an important place music holds in my life...

I am not a professional singer or a musician of any kind,can say an aspiring musician(Ref::what the heart wants),but I think I can safely say that I love music.......what kind depends on my mood!:-)

There are certain Rock Songs I like a lot,some romantic,some trance,ghazals,dance numbers and I cant really pin-point to a paricular artist or band and say "thats my favourite"....makes me wonder,is it the "music" or "lyrics" that make me like or dislike a song?

Its true that lyrics are what actually give meaning to the tune that's being played,and mostly people connect to the lyrics with what they themselves are the lyrics of the Enrique song "and now that you are gone,I wanna be with you" would connect with a person who's away from a special person....."You say it all,when you say nothing at all" would be an awesome feel song for a person in love...and "Chak De India" is a classic morale-booster!!

But then there are songs with words like "telephone dhun main hasne waali" that I liked....beacuse of its beats..and there are lots of instrumental songs that I love....for example "Flute Fantasy" by DJ Nasha.

So I guess,it all comes down to what clicks for me when I am in a particular mind-frame,especially when I am not-so-happy and the power of music makes me feel better.....its also interesting sometimes to not know whats gonna play next and when a faourite song comes up and brings a smile to my face.....hence I endorse the shuffle mode of the know,it has the 'element of surprise':-):-)

P.S::The current favourite with the apt music and lyrics for me is "Iktara" from "Wake Up Sir"......-"O re manva tu toh baavra hai...tu hi jaane tu kya chaahta hai'.....really summarises my current life scenario.....totally confused about what is it that I want to happen....mid-life crisis is it???:-):-)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whats in a name?

I recently read a news article about a woman in New Jersey who had her name changed because she didn't think her original name was "cool" enough..!!!

Though frankly,this isnt the first instance of anyone going for a name change,this time round,it did get me thinking...what really IS in a name?

Nearly all of us have names chosen by our parents...they think a lot about it,go into details about its meaning and finalize one amongst many and then christen us with what we are called throughout our lives.

The amazing thing is that we get so much associated with our name that it becomes difficult to even think that some other name could have suited you more.Like for example,my name is Suchita and I cant imagine being addressed to by any other name(of course there are nicknames and all) and I simply love saying "Hi,I am Suchita" sure you also feel so about your name.

That is why it beats me how anyone can dislike their name,that too for not finding it "cool"!!??
If anyone knows,please let me know:-)

In the meantime,try a fun activity which I have been doing and maybe you will enjoy it too...

Try guessing names randomly of people you dont know(in your mind,of course;)) could do it based on what the person looks like or his/her behaviour or any thing that suits you.

Interestingly,when(if at all) you get to know the actual name of that person,you will find that only to be the best suited name for him/her irrespective of what-all things you thought...but this will also tell you something about yourself...probably about the way you judge people....and maybe even whether it requires changing!:-)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Me and My Kids!!

I am a single parent. I have a son and a daughter. Like most kids, they can be often found squabbling with each other about inanely petty issues – the excess oil in the food for instance, is one of their favourite topics to pick on. Then they have larger debates like whose family function to attend or not. At times, they have life-altering, earth-shattering arguments over a missing bill that either of them misplaced, but neither is sure and until they find it lying in the most conspicuous place possible, all sorts of papers are flung across the room, until our house resembles a battlefield with arrows being shot from both ends! 

My children, like most others their age, tend to sulk when they don’t get what they wanted. This is a strategic tactic, whereby they sit for hours without speaking a word to anyone and try making a strong point by deliberately missing their favourite TV show and retiring to bed as soon as possible. This could go on
for a couple of days,in order to get their way. Once their whims have been satisfied or they realize that all their sulking has been disregarded, they are on their best behaviour again.

My kids also tend to have extreme mood swings. One minute they’re scowling and grumbling, the next they’re laughing and chatting animatedly. Their favourite game is pretending to be grown up. In this game, they act all adult-like and scold me for my wrongdoings. They even enjoy lecturing me about my irresponsible and carefree ways. Playing along is the best way to humor them,as experience has taught me:-)

As a single parent, I also have to multi-task when it comes to the kids. Most often, I’m telling them off for behaving impatiently. I also have to act as a mediator on several occasions, but sometimes it’s best to leave them alone to sort out their issues. They also look to me for advice and sympathy when they’re particularly anxious or low. These are the times when they’re most vulnerable and I, in all my wisdom and experience, have learned to counsel and comfort them.

As I have observed in other children, my kids tend to display exemplary streaks of maturity. They take on additional responsibilities and worries with a self-belief that I seem to lack. They hold their heads high, refusing to bow down to the weight of the world on their tender shoulders. Their small gestures
of kindness to each other make up for all their silly scraps. But most of all, what touches me, is their overwhelming and unconditional love for me.

With all their little flaws and faults, my children are adorable. My daughter is 53 years old and my son is 59.

I call them mom and dad.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome 2011:-)

Like my previous post mentioned,I was off to Kerala to bring in the New Year.The plan was made,tickets booked,leaves taken,packing done.....I was all set!!

As I was to join friends in Bangalore before embarking to Kerala,I had booked an early morning flight to Bangalore.6.20A.M was the take-off and I left home accordingly early at around 4.30 A.M....but 5mins on the road and I was greeted by a huge traffic jam on the bridge full of trailers and trucks...couldn't move ahead,couldnt turn back and the vehicles were crawling....5.15 and still on the bridge!!!Tension creeping,thoughts of making alternate flight bookings had started when another car showed us the way....taking the first available opening,we took the wrong way and once reached the highway,the drive was in top gear.....The adventure had begun!!:-)

I did manage to catch the flight and had a sleepy flight to Bangalore....caught up with friends and next was a 8P.M bus to Trivandrum....we reached the stop well before time,bus was not there,so waited.But when even after waiting for around an hour the bus was nowhere to be seen,we enquired again and were told that the bus had already arrived and was parked elsewhere!!We ran to that place to face the glares and annoying looks of the conductor and co-passengers as they were waiting only for us...not my day I there was no point explaining to them that there was no announcement,we weren't at fault...we got in and the bus started towards our destination.

We reached Trivandrum early morning and the first reaction on getting down was "its hot"...yes,even in December,all the jackets and sweaters were kept inside.But otherwise,I liked the was very much like Bangalore...yes,language was a concern,but communication was possible with actions :)

New Years eve was spent by cutting a cake in the company of Devi(Our friend/host/guide)in Kerala and her roomies and the next day,we set off to Allepy for a full view of God's Own Country.....!!

We stayed at Devi's house and her family were the most gracious was like staying at home away from home...!!

The beauty of Kerala is surely its greenery and backwaters.....but the speciality food items also deserve a mention.I thoroughly enjoyed the vegeterian stuff...and the fish looked very delicious too...

It was only the number of lizards and insects I had to see everyday in every place that made me a little fidgety,but being a region full of trees and plantations,I guess that too is a part of Kerala's treasures:-)

The return journey was not as eventful as the onward journey...I guess the year had changed and so had my fortunes;)

Anyways,so as expected,I did have a good start to the year 2011 and want it to remain that the meantime some snaps for you from the land of coconut trees..!!