Monday, December 27, 2010

Looking Back....2010

On this date last year,27th December,2009,I was a very excited person.Mom-Dad had booked tickets to Bangalore and we were to spend New Years' together....I had turned down all party invites and made elaborate plans to spend time with my parents.But,due to some reasons,their trip was canceled and no passes being available at the last moment....I was invariably left to spend the 31st of December alone...
when the clock struck 12,I welcomed 2010 by wishing my laptop A HAPPY NEW YEAR....

Now,on looking back as we draw closer to the end of this year,I guess a glum start led to a gloomier year on the whole...
Though this year did give me a share of joys....those were overshadowed by the gravity of the bitter experiences....the worst being the first-time admission to hospital in a critical state....Overcame it,Thank God for doctors:-)

If asked to rate the year on a scale of 10,in terms of goodness,I would give it around 3-3.5...yeah,that's how bad it was...but the best thing about 2010,as I can say now,it seems to have run away very fast and all its memories are fast fading..

So standing on the threshold of another New's looking forward to having fond memories from the beginning itself....planned a rocking start(I am off to God's Own Country....KERALA) so that the saying 'Well-begun is half done' holds true and next year when I write a "Looking Back" blog,there will be lots of smiles:-)

2011 surely looks exciting....WISHING YOU AND EVERYONE A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011.....!!!!Enjoy...and Keep Smiling!!!:-)

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