Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What the heart wants.....

India's most loved man since a long time,apna Sachin Tendulkar:-),is very clear of his retirement plans.He says, even after more than 20years of playing international cricket(not to forget that all his life,he's played
cricket only),he still enjoys playing the game....and will retire when he feels he's not enjoying it anymore.

Cool,I hope he enjoys it forever:-)

But what is interesting(and I must confess,a little enviable) is that he is not yet overcome by the monotonousness of his source of income.I,on the other hand(though again, there's no scope for any comparison between the two of us;)),cannot boast of such feelings for my work over a long period of time...but since that's where the cash flows from,there's no running away from it.

So,I try to engage myself in various activities whenever time permits to keep myself a little pepped up.But there are two things which I am wanting to master from a long time....but still am at a not-so-confident stage.
They are:

1>playing a musical instrument(keyboard to be specific)

2>perfecting my car-driving skills

I had joined music classes twice,but somehow or the other,such circumstances would arise that I would stop attending them and I would lose track and practice.These days,now and then I try to play whatever I have learned till now....

The other thing,of being a good car-driver,should be more easily achievable.The excuses of not having my own car and not getting the car for practice since dad takes it are just that,lame excuses.All I need to do is get up a little earlier than usual and go driving...but as you must have guessed,I continue sleeping.Still,I do set the alarm trying:-)

Having said that,I guess all of you will also be having something that you really want to while I await my day of playing the keyboard in front of an audience and driving on the expressway in the fast lane:-),go
ahead and do share what is that 'SOMETHING' you really wish you could do...


  1. u also hav a good teacher for driving ..... equally lazt=y . if not more!!!!

  2. okay,for me the excuse is,i care about pedestrians :p
    but so true babes,once we start a task,we shud be able to finish it,and not QUIT completely ;-))