Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Courage or Stupidity?

In front of the building I stay,is another building,behind it is a railway track and beyond that is a bus-stop.Whenever I have got to catch a bus,I go around 4-5 buildings and walk for about 10 mins to reach the bus-stop instead of taking the 2mins route by crossing the tracks.That's because I do not think crossing railway tracks is the right thing......but then there are certain people who do that regularly and in fact argue..."What is there to fear"....makes me wonder whether they are being courageous OR plainly stupid..!!

There is,I think,a very thin line between courage and stupidity.

Like for instance,diving in the sea to save someone from drowning would be an act of courage..but diving in when you yourself don't know swimming is stupidity...

It is stupidity rather than courage to refuse to recognize danger when it is close upon you...

It can also be argued that certain circumstances can lead us to do something that might be illogical as such....but are done on the spur of the moment without putting much thought...
Only results can tell the difference...whether an action was of Courage or Stupidity.

If a man tries to jump the gap between two cliffs and succeeds,thats courage,but if he fails,it will be termed stupidity.

In between these two also...I think there is an aspect of being adventourous...where risks are taken,but the dangers are also taken care of....or in other words,those are calculated risks:-)

All I am trying to say is that....its your life...enjoy the adventorous ride....but Take Care!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dutifully Done!

I travel to Powai everyday for work...and if its a normal working day,I have become used to facing a traffic snarl at 2-3 points on the way....but though the vehicular traffic moves slow,it at least moves.

So when one day I found myself in a deadlock kind of situation(one car couldn't move till some other moved which was stuck because of the first car and something like that),I was highly surprised and on questioning the cause for the chaos,I got the reply "Aaj mama nahi hai!!"......which actually is a local lingo to convey that "there's no traffic policeman".

That statement suddenly made me realise the importance of  policemen in our lives.

Though,I know it has become very convenient for most of us to casually assume that our system doesn't work,all policemen are corrupt,negligent towards their duties and are ready bribe-takers and so we kind of disregard them,we could spare some thought for some who might not be so....

The traffic policemen for instance,get fully drenched in the rain or continue to stand in the scorching heat of the sun because it is their duty to control the traffic...Also, the policemen whose leaves get cancelled for special bandobast duties during festivals or a high-dignitary visit,might tend to feel a little cranky at times.They too,after all,are humans.

So next time you get caught breaking signals or any other law and encounter a cop,just don't simply harbour harsh feelings for him,he might just be doing his duty or in corporate words he would be "performing the task assigned to him"....:-)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What the heart wants.....

India's most loved man since a long time,apna Sachin Tendulkar:-),is very clear of his retirement plans.He says, even after more than 20years of playing international cricket(not to forget that all his life,he's played
cricket only),he still enjoys playing the game....and will retire when he feels he's not enjoying it anymore.

Cool,I hope he enjoys it forever:-)

But what is interesting(and I must confess,a little enviable) is that he is not yet overcome by the monotonousness of his source of income.I,on the other hand(though again, there's no scope for any comparison between the two of us;)),cannot boast of such feelings for my work over a long period of time...but since that's where the cash flows from,there's no running away from it.

So,I try to engage myself in various activities whenever time permits to keep myself a little pepped up.But there are two things which I am wanting to master from a long time....but still am at a not-so-confident stage.
They are:

1>playing a musical instrument(keyboard to be specific)

2>perfecting my car-driving skills

I had joined music classes twice,but somehow or the other,such circumstances would arise that I would stop attending them and I would lose track and practice.These days,now and then I try to play whatever I have learned till now....

The other thing,of being a good car-driver,should be more easily achievable.The excuses of not having my own car and not getting the car for practice since dad takes it are just that,lame excuses.All I need to do is get up a little earlier than usual and go driving...but as you must have guessed,I continue sleeping.Still,I do set the alarm daily..am trying:-)

Having said that,I guess all of you will also be having something that you really want to do....so while I await my day of playing the keyboard in front of an audience and driving on the expressway in the fast lane:-),go
ahead and do share what is that 'SOMETHING' you really wish you could do...