Friday, October 15, 2010


Most of us,I am sure will remember that scene from 'Dil Chahta Hai' when towards the climax,Akash(Aamir Khan's character)looks at some college students and imagines himself and his friends in that position...well,filmy as it sounds,it happened to me too..:-)

Stuck in a traffic-jam,I spotted outside my car a group of schoolgirls,laughing carelessly and having a great time...and my mind shot back to many years ago,when I too,with my "gang" used to have a gala time with each other...:-)...and then began the series of remembrance of events and fun-times I had with each of all my friends...and set a broad smile on my face!:-)

I am reminded of a quote which says "Friends are God's ways of apologizing for our families".....In this,lying beneath the jest, what comes across is that friends are nothing less than our extended families....just that in this case,we get to make the choice.

We all have friends and a lot gets talked about friendships...mainly about true friends,real friends,friend in need etc.,but for me,friends are first of all someone with whom I can be myself. I don't have to be the boss, the smart person, the fool. With them, I can shed the masks and be who I naturally am, because I know they accept me as I am,just as I accept them in their raw and unadorned state.

All my friends,from school,from college,from office(yes,not everyone remains a colleague...many become pals:-)) are so wonderful that this blog could well be dedicated to them......mass-bunking,assignments,movies,trips,dandiya nights,parties,impromptu night-outs and many more such crazy fun times are something to be cherished forever... I surely do so:-)

Finally,as Charles Lamb puts it,"Its the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and have the nonsense respected." heres hoping that the nonsense continues forever....


P.S:If you are smiling now(like I am)...Mission Accomplished!!:-)


  1. all friends are included...... but mujhe nahi kia?????

  2. u r d family,i am grateful to GOD for.......and for u honey...der will be a separate blog!!

  3. Well,Mission 'more than' Accomplished,coz m not jst smiling bt thinking of all those times (especially those eat-outs and eat-ins we planned ;))!!

  4. yeah....and awsum plans they were!:-)

  5. how come you didn't mention 9am bike ride to the college,and arriving with the professors,and racing ahead to reach the class before them :p

  6. lollzzzzzz..:-):-)....akshoo,i dint mention dem coz i wanted u to recall those times and enjoy!!!