Saturday, September 18, 2010

Not So Typical....!!

I was born in Mumbai.....and brought up here as well.........what I mean is whole my life,i've stayed in Mumbai....except for around 2 years while I was working in Bangalore (or Bengaluru)........:-)

The stay away from home introduced me to many people from different parts of India......and also to a statement that initially surprised me and then started to confuse me.....almost all the people I newly met(thankfully not all..:-)) had this to say "oh,u r from Mumbai...but u don't seem to be like a typical Mumbai-girl"........!!!!

 YEAH RITE,i would think,coz i am not a regular at discos,don't smoke or drink and don't go around crushing people under my car while driving insanely in the wee hours of night...!!
 But wait, that what all people living in Mumbai do??What about those who use the public transport everyday to reach their destinations,enjoy their JUMBO vada-pav with great relish and aim to reach home on time only so that they are able to leave on time again the next day??Aren't they being typical??
We know it takes all kinds to make d in any place there would be all sorts of people....

Then what really is being "typical"-of-a-place??
How can the place of living determine a person's attitude???
And what about those people who grow up in many places....where are they typical of??

Yeah.....there are certain things that are

The joy of getting your first salary.......:-)
Cactus in deserts and sand on beaches...
The sweet fragrance of mud after first showers of rain is typical and so is the odour coming out from a public toilet......;)

Examples like these are abstract or are objects and are typical because they would always be same....but the concept of people being typical-of-a-place is too twisted for me to comprehend....

So amidst all my confusion of how to be typically of a place....I guess I rather take the satisfying option of just being myself......or should I be "Typically-Myself";)


  1. Good one
    i like Cactus in deserts and sand on beaches...

  2. Good to read something written on that 'typical' comment which you always used to get from 'not-so typical' people ;)
    Well written !!

    P.S:Cactus in deserts reminds me of smthng ;)!!

  3. hehehe...yeah reminds me too....thanx!!:-):-)